Why choose Surrey?

Discover why you should study a new language at the University of Surrey.

Be part of a supportive learning environment

At Surrey, we have classes for all learner types and motivations; pleasure or business. We strive to establish an invigorating and inspiring learning environment. All our friendly and helpful tutors are native or near-native speakers, who teach at a professional level. Our adult learners are like-minded individuals who enjoy making progress in a relaxed atmosphere with no exams at the end of our courses. You will also have the possibility to progress in your studies, as we offer various language levels, from beginner through to advanced.

Engage in structured learning, with attentive tutors

Our language classes are well-structured and follow a curriculum to make sure you make the most of your time. We run classes with a maximum number of 15 students, with an average of 10-12 participants. The size of these classes enables our tutors to provide targeted support to all individuals.

Take advantage of our language study area

We encourage you to make use of our language study area in the Library (available by appointment only). You will be able to book appointments to visit the language study area to use our resources, and can also book online and face-to-face appointments to ask our helpdesk team about language resources.

Enhance your ability to multi-task

People who are multilingual and proficient at switching from one language system to another develop their ability to focus on many different tasks at once. In general, people who have developed the skill to think in different languages and move from one to the other become much better multi-taskers.

Develop your cultural understanding

Languages are deeply influenced by culture. You will be able to develop meaningful interactions with people from other cultures, especially with the acquisition of a second language. It also provides a fantastic social opportunity to connect with your peers and learn about each other’s cultures.