Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching is a partnership between our students, our academic staff, our professional services staff and all our other stakeholders.

Through this partnership, graduates of the Faculty will be professional, employable and effective members of society whose education provides them with options and choices about how they develop themselves further - intellectually, professionally and personally.

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are enquiring and inquisitive. Through engagement with their studies, our students will be inspired and motivated to become effective and independent learners who are able to realise their potential. Through our partnership, students in the Faculty will be given opportunities to show initiative and take responsibility for their own learning and self-development.

Our students also know that strong ideals must be coupled with excellence in practice. We actively encourage our students to constantly explore and consider the real world implications and applications of the subjects they are studying. The Arts and Social Sciences are central to the way we live and the world we aim to build, and often interlock with the latter in creative ways for the sake of knowledge advancement, our well-being, that of other people and the wider environment.

In taking advantage of these opportunities, our students will become articulate, critical thinkers who are adaptive and flexible. In meeting these aspirations, the Faculty places learning and teaching at the core of its activities and priorities; the importance of, and enhancements to, learning and teaching will be actively pursued, recognised, resourced and rewarded.

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