Additional tickets

Two guest tickets are guaranteed to each graduand but must be ordered via our online store.

Additional tickets may be requested when making your guaranteed ticket bookings online and will be made available to order online subject to availability.

In order to be added to the waiting list for additional tickets, please indicate how many additional tickets you would like to be considered for when making your booking. Please tick waiting list under graduand details during the booking process to ensure you are added. There is a limit on the number of additional tickets you may request.

To check how many additional tickets you requested, please log into the online store where you made your booking.

Additional ticket allocation

If there are any spare tickets, these will be evenly allocated using the waiting list. Once bookings close we will look at how many additional tickets have been requested against how many seats we have left in the venue.  We will then offer additional tickets out evenly to those who have requested them.

If you are graduating in July 2023 you will be informed by e-mail, week commencing 12 June of how many tickets you can book and be provided with a link to the online store to book these. The deadline to book additional tickets is Friday 23 June.

Please be aware the availability of additional tickets is dependent on uptake and the capacity of the venue.

NOTE: We always do our best to accommodate as many guests as possible, but the ceremony venue does have limited seating, so once the seats are booked, we cannot accommodate any more.

If we cannot offer you any or some of your additional tickets, we will keep you on the waiting list, so if any tickets are cancelled, we can offer these to those on the waiting list.  There is also the option of our live streaming venue on campus.