Problems buying tickets and wristbands

Logging in issues

Firstly, check you are trying to book during a period of time when the online store is live, it may be that you are trying to book too early.

Bookings open Monday 6 January and close on Sunday 1 March for postgraduate graduation ceremonies in April.

Bookings open on Monday 27 April and close on Sunday 21 June for undergraduate graduation ceremonies in July. 

If bookings are open and you are still unable to log in, please check if you have any outstanding tuition fees. You are unable to book tickets/wristbands until your tuition fees are paid in full.

If bookings are open, you have no outstanding fees and you are still unable to log in, please contact

Ticket booking site page won't progress

Check you have not entered too many characters in the box regarding additional tickets/wristbands – only a number is required, not a message. There is a 10 character limit and if you exceed this, it may be the reason you are getting stuck. Also, check that you have clicked continue.

If you are still experiencing problems, please email the store. The Graduation team is unable to deal with issues relating to the payment of tickets, wristbands or problems with the online store.