Getting a refund

If you are not eligible to graduate and need a refund, your tickets or wristbands will automatically be refunded by the Graduation team to the account they were purchased from, and attendance will be cancelled. The refund will be processed after graduation ceremonies have taken place.

Refunding your robe hire

A refund for robe hire can be obtained by submitting a claim, in writing, to the robemakers to be received by them no less than seven working days prior to the ceremony.

In order to meet the seven working days rule, you will need to write to the robemakers as soon as you receive your provisional results rather than waiting until they are approved on 8 July.

Spare tickets and wristbands

Spare tickets and wristbands are not transferable; they cannot be given to other graduands. If a ticket or wristband you have purchased is no longer needed, you may apply for a refund for this ticket/wristband by e-mailing so that it can go to another graduand.