Satellite Networking Testbed

Comprises state of the art test equipment, modems and antennas integrated with a network simulation capability.

Potential use of the Satellite Networking Testbed:

RF characterisation

  • Non-linear effects
  • Filtering effects
  • Modulation and coding
  • Noise and propagation effects

End to End Performance

  • Protocol testing
  • QoS verification

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Application testing over satellite

QoS testing of DVB-RCS has been conducted with this facility over Hellasat 2 with the ESA/ESTEC hub. Recently a Ka-Band terminal has been installed to conduct similar tests ove the Eutelsat KaSAT satellite.

Network Security testbed

• Linux based emulator with many of the DVB-S and DVB-RCS satellite network functions including security:
• Unidirectional Link Encapsulation (ULE) security has been realised as defined in the IETF RFC 5458
• A complete multicast security system has been demonstrated over this testbed.

Simulation platforms

ICS (formerly CCSR) have developed a number of simulation platforms using a mixture of MATLAB, OPNET, ns2 and C++ languages. The platforms have been validated by comparison with theory, measurements or other published data where possible.

Platforms include:

  • S-UMTS (with WCDMA)
  • DVB-S2 –RCS (including physical and system levels)
  • DVB-SH
  • LTE

We also have narrowband and wideband mobile channel models for various environments and non linear models for the satellite amplifier.

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