Published: 02 July 2021

Confidence in Concept Funding Awards

We are pleased to announce that the following projects have been awarded through Surrey's Confidence in Concept grant:

Principle Investigator



Project Title


Prof Gill Elliott

School of Biosciences and Medicine

Prof John McVey

Development of a new therapeutic treatment for the cold sore virus


Dr Carol Crean



Personal lithium drug sensor validation

Prof Ramin Nilforooshan, Consultant Psychiatrist, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Daniela Carta


Dr Ruan Elliott, senior lecturer and Dr Jorge Marino-Gutierrez, lecturer, School of Biosciences and Medicine, FHMS

Phosphate-based glasses fibres for wound healing

Hull York Medical School (HYMS)

Dr Lian Liu

Chemical & Process Engineering

Dr. Tao Chen, Prof. Roberto La Ragione, Dr. Styliani Totti

Antibiotic-free formulations comprising of bioactives and antimicrobials for optimised human and animal wound care

Phytoceutical Ltd (Phyto)

Dr Kamalan Jeevaratnam

School of Vetinary Medicine

Prof Philip Aston

‘From data to diagnosis’: Identification of patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) using computational analysis of sinus rhythm electrocardiograms

Farnham Integrated Care Services, ARC KSS, Liverpool Cardiovascular Centre, Tianjin Medical University