The Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards is responsible for the overall management of the regulations.

In relation to programmes of study, students follow the Academic regulations that were in place at the time of the commencement of their programme unless there are amendments that would be of advantage to students and/or Senate has specifically agreed that amendments should be introduced for all students, in which cases amendments are applied to all students, regardless of year of entry. The Student regulations are updated every year and therefore there is only ever one set in use; the 2016/17 regulations replace all previous versions.

 The amendments for 2017/18 in relation to the Regulations for taught programmes and the Regulations for research degrees will apply to all students with the following time-limited exceptions in the case of the latter: 

  • Given the upcoming review due on 1 October, the new second-year review process is recommended only, becoming compulsory for the 1 April 2018 review
  • Postgraduate research students wishing to change status from full/part-time to completing status may do so under the existing rules for requests received on and before 16.00 on 30 September. Students wishing to change status under the existing rules should submit their request to the Admissions, Progression and Examination Sub-committee (APESC) 

View a detailed list of amendments to the regulations

Any queries, or for previous versions of the regulations, please email in the first instance.