Innovative solutions for a resilient and sustainable local/regional food system

The fund will facilitate the creation of a network of local/regional food system partners and development of a new, collaborative research initiative on resilient and sustainable food system, with an initial focus on food waste.

Start date

04 January 2021

End date

31 July 2022


The fund will establish University of Surrey cross-disciplinary leadership for tackling the food system challenges through local/regional partnerships to aid the transition towards resilient and sustainable national food system, capitalising on the Surrey known areas of expertise:

  1. Identify the challenges faced by local/regional communities, framing them from a trans-disciplinary perspective
  2. Develop clusters of cross-sectoral networks and identify strategic priority areas for collaborative proposals in the food systems domain >£1m
  3. Co-ordinate the development of the University-led hubs on the cross-cutting food systems domains, to act as a catalyst for large scale research and development projects that benefit communities.

Funding amount




Research themes

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