Department of Clinical Sciences

The Department of Clinical Sciences is the home of the faculty members with a clinical, welfare or teaching-focussed background. We have expertise across species from farm to laboratory animals, and from reproduction, and internal medicine to surgery, including orthopaedic and neurosurgery.

Our teaching fellows include those with focus on communications, veterinary professionalism, clinical skills training, nutrition, welfare, companion animals and e-learning. We are a diverse group, offering a great range of expertise for the students and research opportunities in clinically-motivated, welfare-oriented or pedagogically-focussed areas.

    Additional members

    • Professor Nick Bacon
    • Ms Melanie Blevins
    • Miss Elaine Horan
    • Miss Hannah Davies
    • Mrs Sian Rosser
    • Mrs Joanna Harris
    • Mrs Priya Sharp
    • Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

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