Department of Clinical Sciences

The Department of Clinical Sciences is the home of the faculty members with a clinical, welfare or teaching-focussed background. We have expertise across species from farm to laboratory animals, and from reproduction, and internal medicine to surgery, including orthopaedic and neurosurgery.

About us

Our teaching fellows include those with focus on communications, veterinary professionalism, clinical skills training, nutrition, welfare, companion animals and e-learning. We are a diverse group, offering a great range of expertise for the students and research opportunities in clinically-motivated, welfare-oriented or pedagogically-focussed areas.

    Meet the team

    Head of Department

    Shona McIntyre profile image

    Shona Louise McIntyre

    Head of Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences; Senior Teaching fellow, small animal medicine

    Department members

    Ilknur Aktan profile image

    Dr Ilknur Aktan

    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy

    Antonia Bomba

    Veterinary Teaching Fellow

    Emma Cathcart profile image

    Dr Emma Cathcart

    Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow

    Noel Fitzpatrick profile image

    Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

    Professor of Veterinary Orthopaedics

    Teresa Hollands profile image

    Dr Teresa Hollands

    Senior Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Nutrition

    Henrietta Kodilinye-Sims profile image

    Henri Kodilinye-Sims

    Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Clinical Practice (Production Species)

    Sean Langton profile image

    Sean Langton

    Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia

    Esther Lingard

    Teaching Fellow in Small Animal Medicine

    Dr Judith Mitchley

    Teaching Fellow Professional Skills

    Neerja Muncaster

    Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow

    Dr Sharmini Julita Paramasivam

    Teaching Fellow, Veterinary Training Coordinator

    Sue Phillips profile image

    Susan Phillips

    Teaching Fellow in Small Animal Studies

    Clare Rusbridge profile image

    Professor Clare Rusbridge

    Professor in Veterinary Neurology

    Dr Christopher Trace profile image

    Christopher Trace

    Head of Digital Learning

    Sarah Wolfensohn profile image

    Professor Sarah Wolfensohn

    Professor of Animal Welfare

    Additional members

    • Professor Nick Bacon
    • Ms Melanie Blevins
    • Miss Elaine Horan
    • Miss Hannah Davies
    • Mrs Sian Rosser
    • Mrs Joanna Harris
    • Mrs Priya Sharp
    • Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

    Research projects

    Start date: September 2021

    End date: September 2023

    Three dogs are running in a field

    Veterinary clinical sciences research

    Our research department has vets from small animal, production animal, equine, and specialist areas such as oncology, theriogenology, neurology that extend beyond species boundaries.