Student profile

Xenia Christofi

"Something I really appreciate about the course is its broad range of modules, from AI to networking, and security to assembly programming."

Entry year


Choosing Surrey

As a kid, I was interested in Neopets, a virtual pet website where you can create HTML pages for you and your pets. That sparked my interest in front-end web development and programming.

As I grew up, I learned JavaScript while tinkering with web apps. Then I picked up some knowledge of back-end programming and object orientation through school.

I chose Surrey to study my Computer Science BSc because the University was highly ranked in league tables. It offered good career prospects after graduation, too.

My course

I’m really enjoying it! Computer science is such a broad subject. Studying it at degree level allows me to gain widespread knowledge and discover my interests beyond just programming.

Something I really appreciate about the course is its broad range of modules, from AI to networking, and security to assembly programming. It helps you to get the most out of your degree and develop well-rounded technical and analytical skills. It also helps you work out what areas you’re really interested in and want to pursue as a career.


I’ve enjoyed the practical work I’ve undertaken for assignments. For the Web Applications Development module, we were given a technical specification to follow for a web app, then introduced to more advanced topics – such as AJAX and WebSockets – to develop your app however you wanted, beyond the requirements.

This approach allows you to be creative and you end up learning a lot more, which you can apply to personal projects. It’s also beneficial for placement and job interviews when you can talk about work you’re genuinely passionate about. It makes it a lot easier to complete assignments that are genuine fun to write, too!

Life at Surrey

The course is stimulating and engaging. The teaching staff and their enthusiasm for the subject, coupled with their willingness to help, makes a huge difference. It’s inspiring when you have people to turn to for advice and support.

Outside of my studies, there’s always something happening on campus and Guildford is a beautiful place to live.

The future

When I leave Surrey, I plan to pursue a career in software engineering. I’d like to work in full-stack development as I’ve enjoyed this during my Professional Training placement.

I’m looking forward to the Deep Learning and Advanced AI modules coming up in my final year, too. This may be something I’d like to integrate into a career.

Tips for computer science students

I’d recommend going on placement if you have the opportunity. It’s made me a much better developer. The experience you gain both from working professionally and even just the application process is invaluable.

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