In addition to their research activities, Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS) members support the GCHQ-certified MSc Information Security course of the Department of Computer Science.

They supervise PhD students working on different topics of Cyber Security, undergraduate final-year and MSc students on Cyber Security related projects, and provide optional modules in Cyber Security to undergraduate students.

Research opportunities

There are also other opportunities for our current UG/MSc students and visiting MSc/PhD students to be involved in Cyber Security research (e.g. in the form of a summer mini research project).

Take a look at our research opportunities section for more details of current open opportunities.


Currently the University of Surrey does not have an undergraduate course focusing on Cyber Security, but members of SCCS are providing optional modules about different subjects in Cyber Security to final-year undergraduate computer science students.

For instance, Prof Steve Schneider (SCCS Director) is teaching a Computer Security module and Dr Stephan Wesemeyer (SCCS Associate Member) is teaching an Information Security Management module to final-year undergraduate students of the Department of Computer Science.

In addition, members of SCCS are also routinely supervising final-year undergraduate students on projects in a Cyber Security field.

Postgraduate research course

All core members of the SCCS supervise PhD students who are working on topics in Cyber Security.

Most associate members of the SCCS have PhD students who are working on topics in other fields but with links to Cyber Security.

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