Student engagement

There are a number of ways students can get involved with sustainability at the University.

Putting sustainability first 

From the moment students arrive at the University, we encourage and support them to put sustainability first:

  • Resources on the University's sustainability policies are provided during accommodation inductions. 
  • Monthly pop-up stalls give students the opportunity to learn more about sustainable behaviours: from reducing carbon footprints to recycling. 
  • Our online 'Introduction to Sustainability' mini-module and Global Graduate Award in Sustainability give all students a chance to further develop their knowledge of sustainability.
  • The University is proactively working towards embedding sustainability into the curriculum, with many courses already offering students sustainability specific modules.  

Sustainability at the Students' Union

The University of Surrey's Students’ Union is taking steps to track and reduce the environmental impact of their activities, services and products.

Every year, students at the Union organise a Sustainability Week with funding and support from the University's Sustainability Team. Events during the week include guest lectures, workshops and film screenings.

To read more about the Union's sustainable commitments, campaigns and actions, please visit their website.

Get involved

  • From October 2023, the University will get involved with Green Impact and Student Switch Off - engagement programmes organised by SOS-UK to encourage a university-wide transition towards sustainability. To find out how students can get involved, sign up to our emails
  • Students can get involved in university-funded projects aimed at tackling local sustainability problems. Recent student-led projects have included tree-planting and a community-fridge. Previous projects include Transforming bins into blooms and Eco-labelling
  • Sustainable volunteering opportunities on-campus and in the community are available for students on the Students' Union's dedicated volunteering platform. 
  • Students are encouraged to feedback on sustainable progression at the University through termly Sustainability Forums, and are invited to share their ideas for sustainable development in yearly Hackathons
  • Two community gardens on our Stag Hill and Manor Park campuses provide students with a space to grow their own food. They are also invited to support our beehives based at Stag Hill. Both initatives are run by the University's Garden Society, with support from the Horticulture & Landscape team.
Grass field with solar panels

Sustainability in the curriculum

The University of Surrey not only provides world-class sustainable teaching and research opportunities, but is also committed to embedding sustainability into all curriculums.