What’s technology got to do with ageing?

Ageing research

Assistive media

The Centre is also participating in a UK-Brazil project to explore the therapeutic nature of 'assistive media' - digital media content for enhancing mental health and well-being in older people, including those who are socially isolated or suffering from dementia. The UK-Brazil SPRINT network on assistive media for health and well-being in ageing is a collaborative research activity and network between the University of Surrey, University of São Paulo (USP) and Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCAR).

Dementia care

Researchers at the Digital World Research Centre are studying sentimental audio memories for dementia care. Memory loss is a defining characteristic of dementia, which affects about 850,000 people in the UK. This project explores a novel approach to supporting autobiographical memory through sound with personal sentimental value.

Ethical challenges

Sociologist, Christine Hine, is exploring how ethical challenges arise and are managed in the use of smart technologies in the care of dementia patients and others living at home with long-term conditions. Her project, Innovations in Smart Care, involves interviews with researchers, designers, engineers, healthcare professionals, carers and people living with dementia involved in development of smart technologies for care settings.

LGBT* seniors

Experiences of LGBT* seniors is the focus of a Centre for Ageing and Gender study of LGBT* people, housing and long-term care, the first European comparative study of its kind. Known as AgedLGBT*, the aim of the project is to compare existing national studies to provide a Europe-wide perspective to enhance our understanding of the experiences of LGBT* seniors. 

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Dr Sarah Campbell

Sentimental audio memories for dementia care

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Professor David Frohlich

UK-Brazil SPRINT network on assistive media for health and well-being in ageing; sentimental audio memories for dementia care

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Professor Christine Hine

Emergent everyday ethics in infrastructures for smart care