1950 - 1959

Professor Ian Smalley

Metallurgy and Crystallography, 1959

An academic life: to Battersea Poly to study in 1954, then on to City Univ for PhD, then UCL, Leeds University, New Zealand Soil Bureau, Waterloo University (Canada), Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham Trent, then Leicester again. Studying loess — an airfall silty sediment of great consequence for palaeochronology. Still attached to Leicester Uni but in an honorary capacity; writing a few papers and doing some examining. Also a bookseller and being impressed by great grandchildren.

John Neill

BSc Mechanical Engineering

Graduate apprentice at Rolls Royce, Derby. Analyst at Orenda Engines, Toronto. Studied nuclear engineering at MIT with PhD in 1963. Neutron thermalization research at General Atomic in San Diego. Then design of high temperature gas-cooled reactor with gas turbine to extract power. Became real estate broker in 1980. Wrote following books under pen name Pat Muir: Stories To Entertain You...If You Get Bored On Your Wedding Night (1999), The Numbers Man (2010), and What Happened To Flynn (2017).  Currently a real property manager.

Di Bagshawe (nee Gordon)

Management, 1953

First I did a further course in Institutional Management which led to jobs in Bedford College, London, St Margaret's School. Bushey, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington and others to gain experience. I then married and had any skills tested living and working in jungles in Borneo, Thailand and Sumatra, combining bringing up three children, with looking after animal orphans brought in injured or as the result of poaching. Eventually returned after 25 years and have lived in Kent, Dorset and now Devon, involved in many local societies and events, and acquiring seven grandchildren and one great grand to date....

Without my training I would have found a busy and challenging life pretty impossible. It is so encouraging to see the ever growing,out-reaches of Surrey Uni, and our late life inclusion and graduation ceremony has been a high point for me.