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Section Head

Juha Silvanto profile image

Dr Juha Silvanto

Associate Professor


Rocco Chiou profile image

Dr Rocco Chiou

Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

Kathrin Cohen Kadosh profile image

Dr Kathrin Cohen Kadosh

Reader in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Roi Cohen Kadosh profile image

Professor Roi Cohen Kadosh

Head of School of Psychology and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr Simon Evans

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Ines Violante profile image

Dr Ines Violante

Senior Lecturer in Psychological Neuroscience; Postgraduate Research Director Psychology

Research Staff

Philip Dean profile image

Dr Philip Dean

Research Fellow, Deputy Chair of University Ethics Committee

Shachar Hochman

Research Group Member

Valeria Jaramillo profile image

Dr Valeria Jaramillo

Visiting Researcher

Nicola Johnstone profile image

Dr Nicola Johnstone

Research fellow

Alejandro Perez profile image

Dr Alejandro Perez

Research Fellow

Teaching Staff

Daniella Jones

Postgraduate Research Student

Postgraduate researchers

Ayan Ahmed

Postgraduate researcher

Melissa Basso

Postgraduate Research Student

Delia Ciobotaru profile image

Delia Ciobotaru

Postgraduate Research Student

Daniella Jones

Postgraduate Research Student

Kate Nicholls

Postgraduate Research Student

Prince Okyere profile image

Prince Okyere

Postgraduate Research Student

Samaneh Rashidi profile image

Samaneh Rashidi

Postgraduate Research Student

Tobias Raufeisen profile image

Tobias Raufeisen

Postgraduate Research Student

Gulin Yatagan Sevim

Postgraduate Research Student

Visiting and affiliated researchers

Jonathan Nelson profile image

Dr Jonathan Nelson

Lecturer in Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Annette Sterr profile image

Professor Annette Sterr

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology

Alan Wong profile image

Dr Alan Wong

Senior Lecturer