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Doctoral practitioners

Abeer Abdalla profile image

Abeer Abdalla

Innovation management in the UK's civil nuclear industry

Laurence Cummins profile image

Laurence Cummins

Greening the built environment: An industry perspective

James Daly profile image

James Daly

Achieving a step change in water management at the University of Surrey

Luke Deamer profile image

Luke Deamer

Identifying and driving sustainability best practice in geotechnical contractors

Patrick Elf profile image

Dr Patrick Elf

Sustainable lifestyles and innovative behaviour change initiatives

Ceri Fenwick profile image

Ceri Fenwick

Doctoral Practitioner

Amy Fitzgerald profile image

Amy Fitzgerald

Life cycle assessment methodologies applied to composite materials and processes for high-value manufacturing

Saranaz Ghadimi profile image

Saranaz Ghadimi

Innovative low carbon materials to be applied in Heathrow expansion project

Sarah Gray profile image

Sarah Gray

Reducing the throughput of clothing: Are some approaches more environmentally beneficial than others?

Peter Hemmings profile image

Peter Hemmings

Sustainable innovation at Heathrow

Mauro Lafratta profile image

Mauro Lafratta

Dynamic control of anaerobic digestion for flexible and sustainable generation in the water industry

Alex Jiean Ling profile image

Alex Ling

Development of a sustainability assessment framework for asset management in the wastewater sector

Raimondo Mancinelli profile image

Raimondo Mancinelli

The use of data analytics for sustainable product development

Rocio Martinez-Cillero profile image

Rocio Martinez Cillero

Environmentally sustainable urban developments

Paschalia Mavrou profile image

Paschalia Mavrou

Doctoral Practitioner

Yulia Omer profile image

Yulia Omer

Doctoral Practitioner in Sustainability working with Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nicola Rieg profile image

Nicola Rieg

Organisational change and employee pro-environmental behaviour

Erica Russell profile image

Dr Erica Russell

Leading role or bit player? Main contractors, supply chain and sustainable construction

Joanna Trewern profile image

Joanna Trewern

How can food retailers support their customers in adopting more sustainable diets?

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