Visiting artists

Music visiting artists, composers and academics.

The Music Department has been fortunate to host and to collaborate with many international visitors including:

Surrey resident Moog artists in 2015

Moog SoundLab UK, in collaboration with Moog Music Inc. US and B&W

  • Dave Ball
  • Richard Norris
  • Simon Fisher Turner
  • Charlemagne Palestine
  • Lucy Railton
  • Chris Watson
  • Bruce McClure

Visiting composers

  • Richard Rodney Bennett
  • Peter Maxwell Davies
  • Judith Weir
  • Mark Anthony Turnage
  • James Dillon
  • Graham Fitkin

Visiting performers who have worked with students

  • Gemini
  • Medici String Quartet
  • Delta Saxophone Quartet
  • Ligeti Quartet
  • Icebreaker
  • Fidelio Trio
  • Notes Inegales

Visiting performers who have played in our concert series

  • Stephen Isserlis
  • John Williams (Honorary president International Guitar Research Centre)
  • Nicola Benedetti
  • Alfred Brendel
  • Chilingirian Quartet
  • Brodsky Quartet

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