Keeping our graduands and guests safe

The welfare of our guests, staff and students at Surrey is always our first priority. We’ve been working hard to ensure all necessary precautions are in place to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and keep all those involved safe.

What precautions we are taking

Extensive hygiene, and health and safety policies have been prepared and implemented, and we will be asking all attendees to follow a code of conduct (which will be issued to ticket holders shortly). These procedures are under constant review and we will continue to monitor and act on advice from the UK government.

We have implemented the following control measures to minimise risk for all attendees:

  • All attendees will be required to book in advance and check-in on the day
  • During check-in, attendees will be required to scan QR code with NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app
  • All attendees are encouraged to take an asymptomatic lateral flow test before travelling to the event, and again the day before or the morning of the event before arriving on site
  • Guests should not attend if they or a member of their household has had a positive test, has experienced symptoms in past 14 days or if they have recently returned from a red or amber country
  • The event will take place mostly outdoors in large well-ventilated marquees with a much greater capacity than the total attendees
  • Plans have been put in place to ensure that social distancing of 1m+ can be observed at all times
  • A one-way guest flow system to prevent pinch-points and large groupings of people
  • All attendees to wear face coverings at all times unless eating or drinking
  • Signage will be in place reinforcing social distancing and hygiene measures
  • Sanitiser points will be situated at all access and egress points
  • Regular cleaning to be carried out in all areas with special attention to high-touch points.

Graduation 2021 attendee code of conduct

All graduands and their guests (attendees) are encouraged to adhere to the following code of conduct at all times whilst attending the Graduation event. Compliance to this code is a way of showing respect for fellow attendees whilst on site at this event. Any non-compliance could result in the jeopardising of public health, and therefore the University reserves the right to ask the attendee to leave the event immediately, if this guidance is not observed.

  1. Before attending:
    1. Attendees should carry out their own personal risk assessment prior to attending the event. You should take into consideration your age, health status and clinical vulnerability, and that of any others attending within your party.
    2. Travel to and from the University must also be considered within your decision to attend this event. Please visit the Graduation website for all travel options. Plan your use of public transport carefully and refer to the latest guidance from the public transport providers.
    3. Tickets must be booked and purchased in advance. We will not be taking any bookings or cash payments on the day.
    4. We encourage all attendees to take an asymptomatic test the day before or on the morning of your graduation ceremony, but before travelling to the University. These can be ordered online or can be picked up for free from many local pharmacies and test sites. 
    5. We ask that you do not attend this event if: i) You or a member of your household has recently tested positive for Covid-19. ii)You or a member of your household are displaying Covid-19 symptoms. iii) You have recently travelled to the UK from a country on the Red or Amber list.
  2. Upon arrival to the University:
    1. Attendees should aim to arrive in good time to allow for moving through check-in, robe collection and studio photographs, but no earlier than 2 hours 30 minutes is needed before the published ceremony start time.
    2. All Graduands and Guests will be required to check-in individually. During check-in you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about your Covid status. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you will not be permitted to attend. i) Have you recently tested positive for Covid-19/coronavirus or experienced any symptoms related to the illness? Symptoms may include: loss of taste or smell, a new persistent dry cough and/or high fever. ii) If you have experienced symptoms, have you failed to complete the required 10 days of self-isolation? iii) Have you recently travelled to the UK from a country on the Red or Amber list and failed to complete the required quarantine period? iv) Have any members of your household tested positive for Covid-19/coronavirus or experienced symptoms related to the illness in the last 2 weeks?
    3. You will also be asked to scan the event QR code using the NHS Track-and-Trace APP to help support contact tracing.
    4. At the point of entering the event, all attendees should be wearing a face mask or covering of their own choosing unless exempt. Attendees must wear their face covering whilst inside all venue spaces. This is for the combined protection of yourself and all attendees.
    5. We ask that you do not bring excess bags or luggage. As graduands enter the Cathedral Marquee, your bag will be checked and you will then be asked to go directly to your allocated seat.
    6. Any attendees with accessibility requirements are encouraged to notify the event staff and will be escorted to the front of any queues to give more time for entry, and to be assisted if required.
  3. During the event:
    1. We ask that all attendees remain seated for the duration of the ceremony / reception unless needing to use the toilet facilities. At the end of the ceremony / reception, we ask that all attendees remain seated until event staff indicate to them that we are ready for them to leave. All attendees will be directed to leave in turn.
    2. Whilst at the event please follow all directional signage and the instructions of event staff at all times.
    3. Please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with any others not in your household.
    4. We ask that all attendees maintain good hand hygiene, please use the sanitiser stations provided at all entry points and avoid touching your face or any unnecessary surfaces.
    5. Please observe respiratory etiquette and always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.