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Doctoral Practitioner, in collaboration with Keller Group plc
MESci (Hons) Geology

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Deamer, L., Lee, L., Mulheron, M., De Waele, J. (2021) Building Sustainability Impacts from the Bottom Up: Identifying Sustainability Impacts throughout a Geotechnical Company
Geotechnical contractors install and repair foundations for buildings and large infrastructure projects. Previously, geotechnical companies have typically focused on sustainability improvements on individual construction projects, with a primary focus on improving the environmental sustainability of site operations. However, the activities of geotechnical companies have sustainability impacts far beyond what they do on site. In the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whole company sustainability must also address social and economic sustainability. This paper therefore explores all the processes carried out across a geotechnical company, from human resources through to site operations, assessing their impact against the SDGs using a pedigree matrix approach. Through this investigation, we see that geotechnical companies impact every SDG in some way. There is a strong focus on health and well-being (SDG 4) and economic sustainability (SDG 8) throughout a geotechnical company. Some functions, such as procurement, impact a broad range of SDGs, whilst others, such as HR, mostly only impact social or environmental sustainability. Overall, this approach highlights which processes in each function have the greatest impact on the overall sustainability of the company. It also reveals more sustainability impacts than previous top-down approaches. This means geotechnical contractors can better target sustainability improvements in specific parts of their business, making sustainability relevant to each department. It also aims to empower employees to improve the sustainability of their own day-to-day processes.
Deamer, L.R., Lee, J.J., De Waele, J.E., Mulheron, M.J., France, C.M. (2021) How Does the Current System of Pre-Qualification Influence Sustainable Outcomes for the Geotechnical Industry?
Pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) record many of the sustainability requests that geotechnical companies receive from their clients. Analysis of 150 PQQs and stakeholder interviews is used to establish where PQQs have the greatest/least influence, both in geotechnical companies and their projects. Consistent requests, like for environmental prosecutions or ISO 14001, together with those requests made in high-value bids, have forced geotechnical companies to meet minimum sustainability criteria. However, other PQQ requests have proven less successful; caught up in a devaluation cycle, both clients’ PQQs and geotechnical companies’ responses have resulted in little overall sustainability improvement. There is also a general absence of requests for social sustainability and sustainable innovation, along with a broader disconnect between project-specific PQQ priorities and the longer-term sustainability strategies of geotechnical companies. A short series of recommendations are therefore explored, aiming to improve PQQ influence on geotechnical company/project sustainability.
Deamer, L., Russell, E., Lee, J. (2020) Lost in translation: sustainability down the construction supply chain
This article considers pre-qualification question (PQQ) sustainability data captured down the supply chain, from clients down to raw material suppliers. We consider the types of sustainability information requested at each stage of the supply chain and ask whether they help meet the objective of building sustainable assets.
EFFC (2020) European Federation of Foundation Contractors Sustainability Overview
An introduction to sustainability concepts, accreditations and legislation for foundation contractors