Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards

For information pertaining to the latest QAA Higher Education Review please go to the Quality Framework webpage.

The Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards sits within the Office of the Vice-Provost Education and Students. Its role is to ensure that all undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research programmes at the University of Surrey and our Associated and Accredited Institutions meet sector requirements for academic standards, and operate within a framework of regulations and quality assurance policies

This is achieved by working closely with the individual faculties (Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesFaculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) and by having robust and comprehensive validation, annual and periodic review processes, which every programme goes through, as well as making effective use of the external examiner system and identifying opportunities for enhancement. Our main priority is to ensure that the academic student experience is of an outstanding quality at the University of Surrey and our Associated and Accredited Institutions. The Directorate also services the University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC) and its subcommittees and the University Research Degrees Committee (URDC) and its subcommittees.