Practice learning

A new Professional Preparation Programme for nursing commenced in September 2012. Students on this programme will have a different form of practice assessment and new practice assessment documentation. (Students who commenced the nursing programme prior to 2012 will continue to use their current portfolio).

The resources on this page are designed to assist mentors in their role of supporting, developing and assessing nursing students. Your practice liaison teacher and the learning environment lead or practice learning facilitator in your organisation are also able to guide you with the new documentation.

Practice assessment documents

The students’ practice assessment documentation is now contained in a bound copy, which contains all the documentation required for the duration of the programme. This includes the assessment tools used to grade students' practise, the NMC’s Essential Skills Clusters and all the review documents which act as a record of on-going achievement for the entire programme.

This narrated PowerPoint acts as a guide to completing the practice assessment documents. It highlights key aspects of the document and is intended as a guide to assist you to complete the documentation.

Grading of practice

Grading of practice is being introduced as the University of Surrey recognise the importance of assessing theory and practice equally. The grading of practice by mentors recognises the contribution mentors make in relation to the assessment of students. There are two grading tool; The Clinical Grading Tool and the Snapshot Assessment.

The Clinical Grading Tool

The Clinical Grading Tool provides structured pre-determined criteria which enables a valid and objective assessment which reflects the performance of the student during their practice learning experience.

Snapshot assessments

Snapshot assessments provide structured pre-determined criteria which enable a valid and objective assessment which reflects the performance of the student at one point in time. Snapshot assessments focus upon patient assessment, the management of a small group of patients and a teaching and learning activity.