Supporting learners in practice

We are pleased to announce the development of our educational provision for Supporting Learners in Practice (SLiP) for: 

  • Practice supervisor
  • Practice assessor.

Please note: This replaces the Mentorship module. 


The roles of practice supervisor and practice assessor are based on the new NMC “Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment” published in May 2018HCPC registrants are also encouraged to engage in this provision to ensure the delivery of safe and effective learning experiences. 

To achieve this, we have designed the developmental study days:

  • Supporting Learners in Practice (SLiP) - Practice Supervisor
  • Supporting Learners in Practice (SLiP) Practice Assessor.

Credits / level of study  

There are no academic credits attached to the supporting learners in practice study days, therefore you will not be required to undertake an assignment. However, you will be required to complete a practice portfolio for each competency to demonstrate that you have met the competencies within the standards. This will be signed off by the learning environment lead your organisation.

Delivery of study days

The Coronavirus pandemic currently prevents face to face teaching, therefore two free online study days are now available. 

The study days take a self-directed online approach. A variety of resources are utilised giving participants the opportunity to engage in a variety of teaching and learning strategies will be utilised throughout the module giving an opportunity to engage in a positive learning journey.

Entry requirements

Important note: Please contact your employers/ manager prior to undertaking these online learning packages as they will need to keep an accurate record of the supervisors and assessor within your organisation.

Course structure

  • To develop into the practice supervisor role only you will need to complete the practice supervisor study day.
  • To become a practice assessor please complete both the practice supervisor and practice assessor study days.
  • It is anticipated that completion of both the practice supervisor and practice assessor online developmental study days will take around two days.

Practice supervisor online study day

One day in total, consisting of: 

  • Role and responsibilities
  • Coaching
  • Facilitating student learning in clinical practice settings
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • Activity booklet
  • Practice supervisor passport ( provides evidence of completion).

Practice assessor online study day

One day in total, consisting of: 

  • Completion of the practice supervisor development
  • Role and responsibilities of the practice assessor
  • Assessment of learning
  • Feedback
  • Supporting the struggling student
  • Accountability of the practice assessor
  • Activity booklet
  • Practice practice assessor passport (provides evidence of completion)


Supporting learners in practice update