Clinical skills facilities

The School of Veterinary Medicine has outstanding clinical skills training facilities for both small and large animals. Students have access to these facilities to practise their skills both within the working week and for out-of-hours practise sessions.

Our facilities

The Clinical Skills Laboratory in the main academic building features a variety of skills all required for use from day one in practice. Here students will find the majority of the companion animal skills as well as some cross species skills. Models and advanced mannequins are used to learn and practise essential clinical skills.

Examples of skills found here:

  • Anaesthetic skills (including breathing system checks)
  • Surgical procedures (including neutering procedures)
  • Intravenous cannulation
  • Suturing
  • Bandaging
  • Urinary catheterisation
  • Injection techniques.

The Teaching Laboratory is found on the first floor of the main academic building. Here students have the opportunity to practise their laboratory-based skills.

Examples of skills found here:

  • Urinalysis
  • Skin sampling
  • Blood smears
  • Bacteriology plating.

The Large Animal Clinical Skills Centre is based within an architecturally designed, purpose-built training facility. Here students will find a variety of equine, production and intensive production (pigs and poultry) skills. There are also facilities for housing our teaching animals; cattle, sheep and horses.

Examples of skills found here:

  • Ruminant obstetrics using a calving simulator
  • Cattle reproduction model (manual rectal palpation)
  • Udder health
  • Equine colic simulator
  • Equine dentistry
  • Farriery skills
  • Chick restraint and crop surgery
  • Pig restraint and sampling.

Fledglings is a fully equipped simulated veterinary practice found within the main building, next to the Clinical Skills Laboratory. The facility is purpose-built with waiting room, reception area, two consultation rooms and a pharmacy. There are also separate cat and dog wards with superb kennel facilities. Fledglings has been fitted with full audio-visual equipment for watching and recording training sessions and to provide opportunity for constructive feedback.


International collaboration with other veterinary educators has enabled the School of Veterinary Medicine to maintain high standards of model development and to remain at the forefront of this emerging field of clinical skills training.