School of Veterinary Medicine


Our state-of-the-art vet school buildings have been designed by leading architects, comprising a main teaching facility with lecture theatres and laboratories, a Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre and one of Europe’s largest and most sophisticated high containment Veterinary Pathology Centres.

Academic Buildings

The new School buildings have been designed by leading architecture firm Devereux Architects. They comprise of an academic building, a veterinary Clinical Skills Centre – funded by £4.9m from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) – and a veterinary pathology facility.

Clinical Skills Centre

The clinical skills lab is a state of the art facility built within the main academic building. The lab features 21 workstations for students, and a main demonstration table with an advanced 3D video capture system, which can be viewed via 8 large screens located around the room. Each workstation is equipped with an examination table, surgical lighting and anaesthetic machine.

External Teaching Facilites

In addition to using our new, specifically built, animal handing and clinical skills facilities, we continue to use some of our partner practices to help develop the students’ animal handling and husbandry skills.

Veterinary Biomechanics Laboratory

This Laboratory has been specially designed to investigate veterinary musculoskeletal biomechanics indoors and outdoors and deliver original educational resources for our students in animal biomechanics and gait analysis.

Veterinary Pathology Centre

Our £11 million state of the art Veterinary Pathology Centre for anatomy teaching, research and commercial activity offers gross post-mortem examination facilities for livestock, equines, exotics and companion animals at ACDP1-3 and SAPO3 containment levels.