Phenomics core facility

The Phenotypic Microarray facility consists of a state-of-the-art Omnilog system and associated support systems for eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell phenotyping. The facility can offer a service that includes full training in the use of the Biolog system for eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.  We are also able to undertake specific research projects including developmental work.


Phenotype MicroArrays (PMs) enable researchers to evaluate hundreds of prokaryotic or eukaryotic cell phenotypes in a single experiment. Through comprehensive and precise quantitation of phenotypes (every 15 minutes), researchers are able to obtain kinetic data on the effect on cells of genetic differences, environmental conditions, effect of drugs such as antibiotics and influence of a range of chemicals on cellular phenotypes. For example the PMs could be used to:

  • Correlate genotypes with phenotypes
  • Determine a cell's metabolic and chemical sensitivity properties
  • Evaluate new targets for antimicrobial compounds
  • Optimize cell lines and culture conditions in bioprocess development
  • Characterize cell phenotypes for taxonomic or epidemiological studies

The Biolog system can be used to test up to 2,000 microbial phenotypes including the following: utilisation of a wide variety of C, N, P, and S sources (~800 tests), pH growth range (~100 tests), ionic and non-ionic osmotic sensitivity (~100 tests), and sensitivity to chemical agents that disrupt various biological pathways (~1,000 tests). PM analysis has been successfully implemented for a wide variety of model microbial cells.

Costing and analyses

Please contact Jonathan Ridgeon ( regarding costing and analyses.