Year 7

Our work aims to support the development of aspirations and educational attainment amongst students from under-represented and disadvantaged groups. To participate in our activities, students should be in state schools/colleges and meet one or more of our targeting and eligibility criteria.

We are currently offering a range of On-Campus, In-School and Virtual activity. Keep an eye out for our annual special events too!

Targeting and eligibility criteria

Surrey Stars

Surrey Stars is an in-school and extra-curricular programme for your free school meal students. Take part in a number of workshops and activity days that embed our Aspirations Programme within your school timetable.

Surrey Stars is an embedded programme of aspirations workshops and extra-curricular events from the University of Surrey. Your students can take part in a selection on in-school activity in addition to being invited to attend exclusive summer holiday programmes.

Surrey Stars is available to students eligible for free schools meals in Years 7, 8 and 9. All students participating on the programme will receive a welcome pack in addition to invitation to extra-curricular activities.

To register for Surrey Stars, nominating teachers can contact for further information.

Aspirations Programme

Our Aspirations Programme offers teachers to build your own workshop that is tailored for your class' engagement and development. There are five themes, from which you can select multiple 30-minute topics that best suit your aims. 

The five themes include;

  • Higher Education
  • Education Pathways
  • Careers and Employability 
  • Developing Skills
  • Wellbeing

These one or two hour sessions are perfect for off-curriculum or drop-down days. These sessions can also be delivered virtually through Google Classrooms, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Recommended packages for your Year Group are also available. 

Our recommended set menu for Y7 is:

  • Introduction to University
  • Higher Education Mythbusting
  • Clubs and Societies 1 & 2
  • Design a University
  • Student Life Talk

To request our Aspirations Programme please contact us at


The Higher Education sessions we can deliver include;

  • Higher Education myth-busting
  • Introduction to university
  • Design a university
  • Life at university
  • Student finance
  • Accommodation
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Support at university
  • Student life

Education Pathway sessions we can deliver include;

  • Post 16 routes
  • Post 18 routes
  • Choosing your options
  • Goal mapping
  • Apprenticeships
  • How to make decisions
  • Next steps after school

Careers and Employability sessions we can deliver include;

  • Careers routes and your career pathway
  • Understand Labour Market Information
  • Explore Careers - An introduction to
    • Health and Medicine
    • STEM
    • Creative Industries
    • Digital
  • Interview skills
  • Presenting yourself
  • Preparing for work experience

Developing Skills sessions we can deliver include;

  • Revision
  • Preparing for exams
  • Budgeting
  • Time management
  • Being your own ambassador

Wellbeing sessions we can deliver include;

  • Dealing with exam stress
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Mindfulness

In-School Subject Workshops

Our in-school subject workshops offer your class a hands-on, curriculum linked one hour session. Your students will hear from our Staff as well as University of Surrey Student Ambassadors.

Our in-school activity has been designed to be delivered safely within your classroom. We will discuss arrangements with you following your booking request to ensure that our sessions complement your timetable and environment. 

To request any of our in-school subject activities please contact

Session Outline | In this workshop, students will learn about different microorganisms and how to prevent the spread of infection. Using a UV light box, students will be able to test their handwashing technique (please note this is subject to handwashing facilities being readily available in the classroom and will involve movement of students around the room if the school’s risk assessment allows). Students will also design their own microorganisms considering which adaptations will aid survival and the symptoms caused to the patient.

Key Outcomes | Students will learn about the spread of microorganisms and how to control infection. Students will also learn about how microorganisms are adapted for survival and will design their own new microorganism applying what they have learnt.

Gatsby Benchmarks | Meets benchmarks 4 and 7

How to Book | To request this in-school activity complete the online booking form here

Session Outline | Using mathematical analysis, this workshop invites pupils to explore the possibility of increasing their chances of winning a game of rock, paper, scissors. By becoming introduced and further familiar with game theory and probability, pupils will learn how to identify patterns and mathematical techniques found within a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Key Outcomes | Pupils will be able to understand the concept of probability and game theory, as well as be able to identify patterns and mathematical techniques found within a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Gatsby Benchmarks | Meets benchmarks 4 and 7. 

How to Book | To request this in-school activity complete the online booking form here

Session Outline | In this workshop, students will learn about politics by creating a brand-new political party with their own manifesto, policies and values. Students will have the power put into their hands, making tough decisions for the whole of society as if they were the elected Government!

Key Outcomes | Students will learn how important decisions are made by political parties and individuals and develop their decision-making skills.

Gatsby Benchmarks | Meets benchmarks 4 and 7

How to Book | To request this in-school activity complete the online booking form here

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