Year 7

Subject-specific activities

New to this academic year, we are now offering a Year 7 Languages event which involves taster activities in various Languages as well as the opportunity to develop Interpreting and Translating skills.

Students will also learn the key differences between University and school, particularly focusing on types of careers a degree in Languages can lead to. There will be an opportunity to be taught by University staff, as well as meeting current students.

This event will help develop students’ understanding of Languages in the context of University whilst providing them the opportunity to practise key language skills.

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Although only small Microorganisms make up the largest group of living material on the planet! But are all micro-organisms’ germs? How can we prevent the spread of micro-organisms? And is there any science behind the myths of monsters? Students will answer these questions and more during an activity filled day exploring the biology of micro-organisms.

Learning outcomes of the day:

1. Students develop a deeper understanding of what micro-organisms are and their effects and applications in the world today
2. Students investigate how diseases spread and look at the steps they can take to reduce infections spreading
3. Students build skills working scientifically

*FULLY BOOKED* Wednesday 13th December 2017

*FULLY BOOKED* Monday 12 March 2018

FULLY BOOKED* Friday 4th May 2018

If you are interested in booking this event, please email to arrange a bespoke workshop.

This fun and interactive workshop will invite students to explore the science behind some of their favourite sci-fi shows and movies, such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Thunderbirds and Star Trek.

Targeted for students in Year 7 with a real enthusiasm for sci-fi, students will become familiar with key physics concepts such as forces and gravity whilst also exploring the solar system and our wider galaxy and universe.

The learning objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To be able to understand scientific concepts.
  2. To be able to identify how science has been used as a basis for fiction.
  3. To be able to understand how science fiction is becoming a reality.

This workshop is sure to leave students asking more questions than provide answers with the aim of inspiring further physics interest and intrigue.

This event is an interactive introduction to the fascinating field of Psychology. Students will work with academic staff and current university students to gain an insight into what is might be like to study Psychology at university. Exploring the complexities of the human brain, students will understand how our brains work and what makes us act and think the way we do.

Learning outcomes of the day:

  1. Students to develop an understanding of the field of psychology and the human brain
  2. Students to explore studying psychology at university
  3. Students to gain skills in group working and communication. 

With the helping hand of a professional Drama Tutor from the Guildford School of Acting (GSA), students are invited to delve into the world of David Walliams in an interactive drama workshop!

Students will take part in drama activities themed around David Walliams children’s books including Awful Auntie and Gangsta Granny! The event is aimed at increasing student’s confidence and team building skills.

We all know about the importance of our physical health and have a good idea of the professionals that work in this area, but how good is your knowledge of mental health and those that specialise in this area?

Throughout this interactive day your students will focus upon improving their knowledge of mental health and the subjects that link to this area. Working both with our mental health nurses and our clinical psychologists, students will understand the overlaps as well as di€erences in these matters.

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