Year 8

Our work aims to raise the aspirations and educational attainment amongst students from under-represented and disadvantaged groups. To participate in our activities, students should be in state schools/colleges and meet one or more of our targeting and eligibility criteria.

Targeting and eligibility criteria


Capacity: 30-60 students

Location: In school

Students will discover what learning and living is like at university and explore the many opportunities, experiences, and support accessible throughout the duration of a degree. Throughout the day, students will get to look at studying at university, accommodation, finance, support services alongside all the many other elements that make up life at university.

For more information, see our flyer here.


  • Dates are flexible as run in school.


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Capacity: 30 students

Location: On campus

This day will allow students to engage with a range of employers, to learn about the value of how subject specific skills are applied in particular areas of work. These employer talks will be attended by groups of Year 8 to Year 10 students, and our initial focus will be on Maths, Science, English and Business skills.


  • Wednesday 14th March 2019 (Science and Maths at Work).
  • Wednesday 13th June 2019 (English at Work).


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Capacity: 30 students

Location: On campus

By visiting our campus and meeting some of our current Student Ambassadors, students will have the opportunity to learn about and experience some key aspects of university life. An introductory session will broaden students’ understanding of Higher Education, whilst more focused sessions will explore topics such as academic skills and student finance in more depth. This day is a great chance for students to see a university campus and learn more about what life is like at university.


  • Wednesday 20th March 2019.
  • Wednesday 8th May 2019.
  • Wednesday 17th July 2019.


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Wednesday 15 May 2019

This one-off event is a showcase of different subject disciplines and their application within Higher Education and Industry, with a particular focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Students will engage and interact with various demonstrations, observing subjects in a different light and learning more about their own potential career options and pathways in the process.

School groups can book for either a morning or afternoon slot and bring up to 60 students across Years 8 and 9.


Bookings for this event are now closed.


The learning objectives for this event are:

  • To increase awareness of STEAM subjects and their application within industry.
  • To understand how STEAM subjects complement each other within Higher Education and industry.
  • To increase students understanding of career opportunities and enterprises.


Gatsby Benchmarks met through this event are:

     4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers.

     5 - Encounters with employees and employers

     7- Encounters with Further and Higher Education.



How long is this event? The festival is designed to invite group to attend for up to 2 hours at a time. Further details with regards to timings will be released in due course.

How many students can I book onto the festival? We recommend up to 60 students per school to attend the festival. Dependent on demand for places, this may be revised once applications have been received. Confirmation of allocated places will be shared along with the booking confirmation.

When does this workshop run? This festival runs on set dates as outlined above.

Where does this workshop run? At the University of Surrey. Your school may be eligible for transport provision. Please state if you require transport as part of your booking enquiry/application.

How much does this workshop cost? The festival is FREE of charge


Capacity: 35 students

Location: On campus

Although only small, microorganisms make up the largest group of living material on the planet! But are all microorganisms germs? How can we prevent the spread of microorganisms? And is there any science behind the myths of monsters? Students will answer these questions and more during an activity filled day exploring the biology of microorganisms.


  • Wednesday 3rd April 2019
  • Thursday 4th April 2019


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Capacity: 35 students

Location: On campus/in school

This taster day introduces students to Politics as a subject which can be studied and enjoyed at University. During this interactive day students will create their own political party, outlining key values and beliefs in a manifesto which is then used to tackle a crisis. Students will look at laws, exploring how they are made and will attend a debating workshop. Students will also learn about Politics at University and the careers they can go into.


On campus

  • Tuesday 21st May 2019. *FULLY BOOKED*
  • Thursday 6th June 2019

In School

  • Delivered in school on a date that suits you


Register for the event online.

Capacity: 35 students

Location: On campus

This workshop presents the scenario where students become Private Investigators to solve a crime on campus.

Applying mathematical techniques, students work together to solve problems and clues to identify the guilty suspect.

This workshop has been designed and structured to support Year 8 students least confident within mathematics and covers the following topics:

  • Area and perimeter 
  • Coordinates
  • Distance and Pythagoras
  • Time and speed
  • Shape
  • Codes and ciphers

A fun and creative workshop for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles.


  • Tuesday 5th March 2019. *FULLY BOOKED*
  • Thursday 2nd May 2019. *Limited Spaces Remaining*

Please contact us at if you are interested in this event and additional dates may be offered.


Register for the event online.

Key Dates

  • Application Deadline: Monday 15th October 2018.
  • Registration Confirmation by: Friday 16th November 2018.
  • Project Submission: Friday 24th May 2019.
  • Finals: Monday 24th June 2019.

The Open Schools Coding Competition (OSCC) is entering its 3rd Year as a schools based project centred on developing and inspiring confidence within Computing amongst KS3 students.

Students are invited to work in teams of 4 to produce a software project for a registered charity of their choice using any free visual programme environment. The first stage of the competition is locally managed within the school. The second stage then requires participating schools to nominate at least 1 team to enter the Finals event as hosted at the University of Surrey on Monday 24 June 2019 to showcase their projects against entries from other schools. Representatives from Red Hat will judge the nominated entries before awarding prizes to the top 3 projects.

The OSCC was originally devised by Lord Wandsworth College and has since grown with the support of both Red Hat and the University of Surrey in providing outreach to schools as a curricular or extra-curricular project. The project can be completed by students in Years 7, 8 and/or 9 only.

Read about the 2018 competition here.

The OSCC fits in line with the following Gatsby Benchmarks:

  • Linking curriculum learning to careers.
  • Encounters with employees and employers.
  • Encounters with Further and Higher Education. 

The objectives of the OSCC are:

  • To be able to inspire KS3 students into computing and coding through design and app production.
  • To be able to develop team work and research skills.
  • To be able to develop and increase confidence in presentation skills to a range of different audiences.

All participating schools will receive resource packs and lesson presentations to assist with the delivery of the project.

Note: The application deadline is Monday 15 October 2018. Application submission after this date is not guaranteed to be received.


How long is the project? The workshop is designed to be flexible and to fit within a curricular or extra-curricular programme. Therefore, the time spent on the project is to be locally managed once the resource packs have been shared by Friday 16 November 2018 until the submission deadline on Friday 24 May 2019.

How many students can I book onto the OSCC? As many students as you feel are able to benefit from the project. Whether a school wishes to work with a whole year group or with a selection of students then that is to be the decision of the lead teacher. However, it is advised to ensure that delivery of the project is manageable within the school.

Where does the OSCC run? Initially within school before the Finals event takes place at the University of Surrey on Monday 24 June 2019.

How much does the OSCC cost? The competition is FREE of charge to all schools.

How do I sign up? Please submit your application to participate in the OSCC here.

The Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses are hosted annually at the University of Surrey for Year 8 students across Surrey. Schools are invited to nominate up to 6 students who are considered to be gifted and talented mathematicians within their year group.

This is a popular extra-curricular provision to which students are expected to attend at least 6 masterclasses as part of an 8 week programme. Further details with regards to nominating students for the 2018 masterclasses will be made available by Monday 29 October 2018.


How long are the masterclasses? The masterclasses are approximately 2.5 hours long each week. Arrival is encouraged from 09:30 for a 10:00 start. All masterclasses finish by 12:30.

How many students can I book to attend the masterclasses? All schools are invited to nominate 4 students as a priority to attend the series. A further 2 nominations can be submitted as reserve and will be offered a place dependent on spaces available.

What if a student cannot attend on a particular date? All students are required to attend 6 masterclasses to receive their certificate of attendance and will not be penalised for missing a week due to holiday, illness or other commitments as long as they have attended the minimum number of weeks. In cases of severe weather, exceptions may be considered, details of which will be shared in advance.Where does the lecture take place? At the University of Surrey. Details of room location will be shared with all parents and guardians prior to the first week.

Do students need to be accompanied by a teacher? It is encouraged that schools offer volunteers to support on the occasional week of the programme. The support of volunteers ensures that the programme can be delivered each year and is very much valued in recognition of the students’ commitment. Further details with regards to teacher volunteers will be shared by the Royal Institution.

How much do the Maths Masterclasses cost to attend? The lecture is FREE of charge to all attendees on behalf of the Royal Institution and the University of Surrey’s Widening Participation & Outreach department.

This workshop is designed to be delivered in school to students within KS3. Working in teams, students design, build and test various structures in a bid to win a construction contract. However, each team must work to make a profit, emphasising the importance in planning as all materials available to them will work against their revenue.

Blending engineering with business, this workshop appeals to students who enjoy problem solving and competition.


Delivered in school on a date that suits you


Register for the event online.