Year 8

Subject-specific activities

This workshop presents the scenario where students become Private Investigators to solve a crime on campus.

Applying mathematical techniques, students work together to solve problems and clues to identify the guilty suspect.

This workshop has been designed and structured to support Year 8 students least confident within mathematics and covers the following topics:

  • Area & Perimeter
  • Coordinates
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Shape
  • Ciphers

 The learning objectives for this workshop are:

  • To be able to understand mathematical concepts.
  • To be able to apply mathematical concepts within a crime investigation.
  • To be able to think logically and to work in teams to solve maths problems

A fun and creative workshop for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles.


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Interested in Human health? Wanting to discover more about the Health Sciences? But have you thought about the One Health Concept? This 3 day extended programme aims to introduce your students to the One Health vision of the University.

Focusing on the multidisciplinary nature and overlaps between human as well as animal health this exciting event will introduce your students to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Each day will see students focusing on one particular area: Biosciences, Health Sciences and Veterinary Sciences. Across the three days students will develop knowledge of the different careers and opportunities that link in to the One Health concept whilst developing their subject knowledge in these areas.

Learning outcomes of the event:

  1. Students to increase knowledge in the areas of health care, veterinary science and biosciences
  2. Student to gain a deeper understanding of the routes and career links
  3. Students to gain practical science skills as well as communication and group work

This taster day introduces students to Politics as a subject which can be studied and enjoyed at University.

The event involves a 2 hour interactive workshop in which students will create their own political party, outlining key values and beliefs in a manifesto which is then used to tackle a crisis.

Students will also learn about Politics at University and the careers you can go into.

2017 reviews and feedback


'I have enjoyed the week at the University of Surrey and coming here has definitely boosted my confidence at talking to different people and learning new things'

'I think that the most fascinating thing about this week was the career section because it helped me understand better of what I would like to do in the future'

'I thought that university would be boring but it changed my impression on university, I love it'


'Amazing week and the kids have loved every minute of it. It was organised extremely well and the student ambassadors were excellent. Thank you!'

'The sessions are all sufficiently interactive and students loved to get involved... student confidence grew as the week progressed which is always great to see'


'This whole week has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to see what university life is like. It has given my son an understanding of the value of further education. I cannot praise it enough!'

'It has been lovely to see our daughter alter each day, full of what she has learnt and excited about the next day. She is now determined to go to university!'

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