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Theodora Adam

"Surrey has become my home away from home."


International Corporate Finance MSc

Entry year


Before completing my bachelor’s degree in Politics and Economics, I was keen on learning more about the world of finance. Looking at the different modules of International Corporate Finance, I knew it was the degree I wanted to study as it combines theoretical knowledge with the practical skills suited to the evolving financial environment around us.

The course gives you an interesting perspective on the world. As well as introducing you to international corporate finance and governance practices, it boosts your critical thinking and cognitive learning abilities through different assessment media, seminar discussions and individual engagement. The different elements of each module enable you to understand financial conditions around the world and realise the importance of using econometrics in the corporate world.

My favourite element of the course is its interactive nature; the structure incentivises you to actively get informed about the world around you. If you want to strive in today’s world, you must be open-minded and consider different perspectives on contemporary events. Through discussions with my fellow colleagues and academic staff, I have realised the importance of exposure to others’ opinions.

Academic staff at Surrey Business School are all very helpful and eager to create a safe space for all students, creating a long-lasting network where students can develop both academically and personally. The facilities are tailor-made to support students’ academic performance and make our time at Surrey worthwhile.

This year I have completed the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) as part of my assessment and participated in numerous interview skills workshops and mock assessments.

The Employability and Careers Centre offers amazing opportunities to network, boost your interview and interpersonal skills and get a first-hand idea of what future employers may ask from you. After my studies, I plan to apply to graduate schemes in the UK and put the skills I’ve cultivated during these sessions to use.

Life at Surrey is good. There are several different societies through which students can find others with who they share mutual interests. No matter what your age, nationality, background, or political ideology might be, the inclusive nature of Surrey makes you feel part of a community. Additionally, the University offers a variety of Student Support facilities like the Hive, which aids students at every step of the way. I love the diversity of the people at Surrey. Everyone is treated equally, and all people can find others they feel comfortable around.

"My experience here has helped me develop both personally and academically."

I have learnt to go beyond my comfort zone and be open to new experiences. I have learnt that it’s okay for you to speak your mind, even when you are not sure if what you say is right or wrong. I have learnt that it is alright to be yourself.

My proudest achievement this year has been my role as the Course Rep. In the past, I was one of the students who might have been facing difficulties and was not confident to express those difficulties to others. This year as a Course Rep, I am enthusiastic about bridging the gap between students and academic staff.

Surrey has become my home away from home. Living on your own and studying in another country can be difficult, but my memories from here will be happy ones. The university has helped me realise who I am as an individual and this is the most valuable outcome of all.

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