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Staff and students

Head of the group

Paul Stevenson profile image

Professor Paul Stevenson

Professor of Physics, AWE William Penney Fellow

Academic staff

Jim Al-Khalili profile image

Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Distinguished Chair in Physics, Professor of Public Engagement in Science, Quantum Foundations and Technologies Research Group Leader

Alexis Diaz-Torres profile image

Dr Alexis Diaz Torres

Reader in Nuclear Theory, modelling slow reactions of atomic nuclei which is key to understanding both energy generation and element creation in stars.

Lisa Morrison profile image

Dr Lisa Morrison

Lecturer in Physics

Esra Yuksel profile image

Dr Esra Yuksel

Lecturer in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Senior Research staff

Natalia Timofeyuk profile image

Dr Natalia Timofeyuk

Senior Research Fellow

Postdoctoral research associates

Abhishek profile image

Dr A Abhishek

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Bharti Bhoy profile image

Dr Bharti Bhoy

Research Fellow

Laura Moschini profile image

Dr Laura Moschini

Research Fellow in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Postgraduate research students

Khlood Alharthi

Postgraduate Research Student

Miriam Davies

Postgraduate Research Student

Isaac Hobday

Postgraduate Research Student

Iain Lee

Postgraduate Research Student

Nick Lightfoot

Postgraduate Research Student in Neutron Capture Dynamics

Ashley Pitt profile image

Ashley Pitt

Postgraduate Research Student

Jane Rex profile image

Jane Rex

Postgraduate Research Student

Samuel Sullivan

Postgraduate Research Student

Nicholas Thomson

Postgraduate Research Student

Emeritus staff

Professor Ronald Johnson

Emeritus Professor of Physics

Professor Jeffrey Tostevin

Emeritus Professor of Physics