I-Lab: Multimedia user interfaces and interaction

This multi-disciplinary research activity adopts the user-centric approach to visual media analysis and interaction in order to deliver intuitive and meaningful multimedia experience to the end-user.

Interaction with 3D video content

The aim of this research is to study user requirements and provide a comprehensive understanding of interactive 3D video platform that facilitates intuitive interaction with 3D content. This multi-disciplinary approach combines human computer interaction (HCI) with 3D content analysis and delivery focusing on the end-to-end 3D user experience. The main research challenges are:

  • User requirements of interactive functionalities, interaction modalities, and graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Methodologies of supporting intuitive interaction with 3D video content
  • Investigating the impact of depth information on user experience of interacting with 3D video content
  • User experience modelling
  • Robust delivery mechanism for interactive 3D video platform.

Several user studies have been conducted. The results provide initial guideline and recommendation of user requirements for interactive functionalities and interaction modalities.

Adaptive video summarisation

This research activity makes a shift towards user-centred summarisation and browsing of large video collections by augmenting user's interaction with the content rather than learning the way users create related semantics, resulting in:

  • Interactive video browser FreeEye that conveys structure of visual data for intuitive browsing
  • Video summarisation that exploits the universally familiar narrative structure of comics to generate easily readable visual summaries
  • Visual attention modelling for joint image retargeting and small-screen visualisation of videos.

Interaction with large-scale multimedia archives

The SP-ARK film archive is the world only resource that comprises full range of assets related to an entire film production process: from initial sketches to launch and film festival presentations. This collaboration with the Adventure Pictures Ltd, a film production house of a renowned British director Sally Potter, showcases a synergy of state-of-the-art content management technology developed at the I-Lab with this unique film archive.

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