CVSSP projects

We have a collaborative research and innovation portfolio of over £30m in current projects supported by government, industry and third sector organisations. Our centre leads multiple national and international flagship programmes in AI and machine learning, together with a large portfolio of collaborative research, development and technology transfer projects.

Primary funders include UKRI (EPSRC, InnovateUK, BBSRC, MRC, AHRC) with a current EPSRC portfolio of £20m, Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, Dementia Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society, BBC, NPL, MoD, Dstl, EU and SNSF. Direct industry funding of research and licensing of CVSSP technology is over £4m with substantial additional in-kind support for research and facilities.

National flagship programmes in AI

CVSSP leads national and international flagship research programmes in AI including: the DECaDE UKRI Digital Economy Centre in AI and Blockchain; a UKRI-EPSRC Prosperity Partnership in AI for Creative Industries; and two UKRI-EPSRC programme grants in face recognition and spatial audio. International partnerships include the MURI/EPSRC programme leading fundamental AI advances for multimodal semantic information.

The centre has also received strategic UKRI-EPSRC Platform Grant support since 2003 to underpin continuity of leading UK expertise in audio-visual AI.


CVSSP hosts a number of prestigious personal fellowships for established and early career academics to support national and international research leadership. The Centre is keen to host and support individual fellowship programmes to become independent research leaders and grow impactful areas of research and collaboration across multiple disciplines related to AI.

Please get in touch if you are interested in applying for a fellowship to be hosted in CVSSP.

Meet our current fellows:

Project portfolio

Our research has pioneered new technologies for the benefit of society and the economy, with applications spanning healthcare, security, entertainment, robotics, autonomous vehicles, communication and audio-visual data analysis.

Creative vision and sound

Creative Vision focuses on machine perception for creative technologies, specialising in 4D immersive VR content production, performance capture and video-based animation for film and games.

Creative Sound works on spatial audio and machine audition, developing audio signal processing technology related to sound recognition and immersive audio experiences.


Healthcare focuses on medical imaging technologies for cancer detection and machine learning in personalised care for better living and healthy ageing.


Robotics works on autonomous systems, covering a broad range of technologies related to visual human-machine interaction. These include sign language and autonomous vehicles.

Security and data

Security theme works on biometrics related technologies, specialising in facial recognition and natural language interfaces for human-AI collaboration.

Data research theme addresses the application of AI for audio-visual information search, understanding and preservation including visual recognition, distributed ledger technologies and the understanding of AI systems.


We are investigating alternative uses for distributed ledger technology (DLT), including safe online identity, healthcare, and secure digital archives. The new approach, fusing DLT (trusted data) and AI (making sense of that data), is a common thread across all of our projects in DLT and a unique perspective to this emerging technology pioneered by the University of Surrey

Strategic funding

Research at CVSSP

Over the past thirty years, we have become an international centre of excellence for training and research in audio and visual machine perception in collaboration with industry.

Past projects

Further details about these projects can be obtained either by visiting the relevant websites or by contacting those involved in the research. The list is non-exhaustive.

Creative vision and sound



Security and data

Strategic funding