Current projects

Take a look at brief details of recently completed research projects here in the Centre, funded through the EPSRC, European Commision (EC), industry and governmental sources. This list of current projects is non-exhaustive.

Research projects

Further details about these projects can be obtained either by visiting the relevant websites or by contacting those involved in the research.

Visual media research platform grant (EPSRC)

The EPSRC have provided strategic long-term support for visual media research within CVSSP for period 2003-2013, through the platform grant scheme.

Audio-visual research partnership (BBC)

Strategic partnership with the BBC for collaboration in audio-visual research with the BBC and other companies.

Genetics of the people of the British Isles and their faces (Wellcome Trust)

Principal investigator: J. Kittler.

The project is concerned with 3D face analysis.

The scientific hypothesis to be tested is that face phenotype is determined by groups of genes. Similar faces will be associated with similar genetic code. The study attempts to identify which elements of the genetic morphology determine face characteristic and what aspects of the relevant parts of the genetic code give a rise to differences in face phenotype.

The aim of the project is to investigate the relationship between genotype and its expression in face appearance. Visit our Faces of the British Isles project page for more information.

Dicta-Sign (EU FP7)

Principal investigator: R. Bowden.

Dicta-Sign is a three-year EU-funded research project that aims at making online communications more accessible to deaf sign language users. Principally the project develops Web2.0 tools for the deaf community, and incorporates visual sign language recognition and production. Visit the Dictasign project page for more information.

Sports performance analysis in broadcast (BBC)

Principal investigator: A. Hilton.

Video analysis to enable through-the-lens analysis of athlete performance.

Bodyshape (EPSRC)

Principal investigator: A. Hilton.

Investigating body shape measurement in the home for online clothing retail. A collaboration with the London College of Fashion, bodymetrics, guided collective.

Digital Dance Archives (AHRC)

Principal investigator: J. Collomosse.

Developing the UK’s first cross-collection online portal to explore 100 years of archival dance performance.

Developing visual search technologies to search dance by pose and choreographic example. Collaboration with Department of Dance (Surrey), National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD) (Surrey), Department of Dance (Coventry). Visit the DDA website for more information.

POSZ: Reproduction of personal sound zones (IoSR)

Principal investigator: P. Jackson.

Increasingly, there is a demand for multiple personal sound zones which allow listeners in different parts of an acoustic space to listen to different programme material. This project involves two main strands: psychoacoustic research into the criteria for acceptability of sound leakage/interference between the two zones; and engineering research into methods to create personal sound zones for a range of applications.

Multimodal blind source separation for robot audition (EPSRC, DSTL)

Principal investigators: W. Wang.

This project attempts to use both the audio and visual modalities for the problem of source separation of target speech in the presence of multiple competing speech interferences and sound sources in room environments for a robotic system.

Audio and video based speech separation for multiple moving sources within a room environment (EPSRC)

Principal investigator: W. Wang, J. Kittler.

Human beings have developed a unique ability to communicate within a noisy environment, such as at a cocktail party. This skill is dependent upon the use of both the aural and visual senses together with sophisticated processing within the brain. To mimic this ability within a machine is very challenging, particularly if the humans are moving. This project attempts to address major challenges in audio-visual speaker localization, tracking and separation.

Optimam (Cancer Research UK)

Principal investigator: K. Wells.

Investigating the optimal adoption of digital imaging techniques/technology for UK breast screening programme. Involves simulation of imaging systems, lesion simulation, generating synthetic mammograms etc.


Principal investigator: K. Wells.

The MI3 project is developing the largest rad-hard CMOS imaging sensor for biomedical applications. The device is being used at Surrey for electrophoresis imaging applications.

Motion correction in medical imaging (EPSRC, Malaysian government)

Principal investigator: K. Wells.

The project is applying PCA/PFs/KDEs to model, correct and predict respiratory motion present in medical images and for application in therapeutic radiotherapy.

ACASVA: Adaptive cognition for automated sports video annotation (EPSRC)

Principal investigators: J. Kittler, W. Christmas, D. Windridge.

This project addresses the problem of autonomous cognition at the interface of vision and language. The goal is to develop mechanisms that would allow the transfer of knowledge from an existing system for tennis video annotation so as to be capable of automatically annotating video of novel sports.

This will be accomplished via the cross-modal bootstrapping of high-level visual/linguistic structures in a manner paralleling human capabilities. Find our more on the ACASVA project page.


Principal investigator: R. Bowden.

This project is concerned with automated detection of terrorist activity and looking for patterns in data.

Artistic rendering of consumer video (HP Labs)

Principal investigator: J. Collomosse.

Developing technologies for the automatic organisation of large consumer media (photo and video) collections, and their presentation on ambient displays in novel  styles and formats.

Spot the difference (JISC)

Principal investigator: J. Collomosse.

Developing visual search technology to enable the detection of visual plagiarism in the arts. A collaboration with the University of the Creative Arts (UCA), and the Visual Arts Data Service (VADS).

Digital doubles: From real actors to computer generated digital doubles (Framestore, Royal Society)

Principal investigator: A. Hilton.

3D capture of digital doubles of actors and integration in the film production pipeline.

RE @ CT: Immersive production and delivery of interactive 3D content (EU FP7)

Principal investigators: A. Hilton, J. Collomosse.

Production of interactive animated 3D characters in conjunction with conventional broadcast production using multiple view video acquisition and 3D video reconstruction.

Collaborators: BBC, Vicon, Artefacto, Fraunhoffer HHI, INRIA.

SCENE: Novel scene representations for richer networked media (EU FP7)

Principal investigator: A. Hilton.

3D acquisition and representation of real-world scenes from video+depth capture for film production.

Collaborators: Technicolor, Intel Visual Computing Institute, ARRI, Brainstorm Multimedia, 3DLIZED, BarcelonaMedia, Fraunhoffer HHI, IBBT.

SyMMM synchronised multimodal movie metadata (TSB)

Principal investigator: A. Hilton.

Improved onset processing of multimodal data sources (video, image, 3D, high-dynamic range, user annotation) in film production.

Collaborators: DoubleNegative, Filmlight.