Applied Statistics seminars

The Applied Statistics seminars aim to give undergraduate mathematics and mathematics with statistics students a broader knowledge of real-world applications of statistics.

Seminar details

The Applied Statistics seminars are held from 3-4pm on Wednesdays. Please contact the organiser Dr Janet Godolphin for further details.

These seminars are organised in collaboration with the Maths Society at the University of Surrey.

A full list of Undergraduate Mathematics seminars at the University of Surrey is available at Department of Mathematics seminars.

Upcoming seminars

Speaker: TBA
Date: Wednesday 29 September 2021

Speaker: TBA
Date: Wednesday 27 October 2021

Past seminars

Where fortune tellers go wrong and meteorologists succeed: How to predict the future
Speaker: Rebecca Atkinson (University of Surrey and the Met Office)
Date: Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Statistics and Anglo-Saxon archaeology 
Speaker: Wilfrid Kendall (University of Warwick)
Date: Wednesday 3 March 2021
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Genetics, medicine and game shows  a statistician reviews his life choices
Speaker: Dr Jonathan Cairns (Senior Biostatistician)
Company: AstraZeneca
Date: Wednesday 18 November 2020
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A career in Data Science: where to even begin!
Speaker: Will Davis (Chief Planning Officer), Emily Weldon (Senior Data Scientist) and Tim Nguyen (Senior Data Engineer)
Company: Medialab
Date: Wednesday 30 September 2020
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Data science – could this be a career for you?
Speaker: Emily Weldon (Senior Data Scientist) and Will Davis (Chief Planning Officer)
Company: Medialab
Date: Thursday 13 February 2020
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The role of an actuary at the Bank of England
Speaker: Erika Tsoi (Bank of England)
Date: Thursday 5 December 2019
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It takes a network to fight a network. Are you the weak link?
Speakers: Oskar Wismierski (Head of Analytics and Engagement) and Andrew Ward (Director of Operations and Delivery)
Company: ThreatMetrix: A Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions Company
Date: Thursday 10 October 2019
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Model solutions in tennis predictions
Speaker: Jonathan Nelson (ATASS Sports)
Date: Thursday 21 February 2019
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Genetics, medicine and game shows - a statistician reviews his life choices
Speaker: Dr Jonathan Cairns (Senior Research Statistician in Quantitative Biology, AstraZeneca)
Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018

The role of the medical statistician in clinical trials
Speaker: Prof Simon Skene (Professor of Medical Statistics, University of Surrey)
Date: Tuesday 20 November 2018

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