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My Surrey experience - Konstantina Zarra, Msc International Financial Management

Discover why Konstantina chose to study at Surrey and how her degree helped fuel her desire for a career in finance.

"I chose the University of Surrey because of its curriculum, research-based reputation and great location.

"The programme is challenging and interesting, offering a range of useful modules. I really appreciate the seminars and tutorials, which allow me to get under the skin of the topics I’m studying.

"Finance is an engaging subject to study; I find myself constantly curious about how businesses make money and how the consensus view may be wrong when assessing an investment opportunity. It also offers good career prospects – especially when combined with Surrey’s high rankings in the league tables, which give students the opportunity to apply for quality jobs after graduating.

"Surrey offers a welcoming environment for students, with its approachable professors and friendly staff. From the time and personal interest demonstrated by each of my tutors, it’s clear that they are committed to helping me succeed.

"Studying at Surrey has been a valuable, life-changing experience. It has improved my interpersonal skills, increased my confidence and given me motivation for my future career."

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