One Health, One Medicine research areas

From harnessing digital technology to improve health and food security, to using artificial intelligence to detect cancer, our research aims to have a positive impact on society.

Digital Health Technology Accelerator

We’re in the process of establishing a ‘one-stop shop’ for digital health innovation, known as the Surrey Digital Health Technology Accelerator. This will be a place where academics, clinicians and SMEs can come together to create innovative solutions for health problems and test their effectiveness.

At the heart of the Accelerator will be our Clinical Research Facility, Clinical Trials Unit, our world-renowned Sleep Research Centre with a six-bed ward and six individual sleep cabins, and a brand new Dementia Research Institute ‘healthy home’. This ‘healthy home’ will use a host of technologies to unobtrusively record sleep and circadian rhythms, data of which will be monitored and personalised interventions offered by healthcare professionals.