Dr Marv Khala

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Academic and research departments

Department of Chemical and Process Engineering.


My qualifications

PhD Chemical and Process Engineering
University of Surrrey
MEng Chemical Engineering
University of Sheffield



Marv J. Khala, Colin Hare, Chuan-Yu Wu, Navin Venugopal, Martin J. Murtagh, Tim Freeman (2021) Density and size-induced mixing and segregation in the FT4 powder rheometer: An experimental and numerical investigation
Marv J. Khala, Colin Hare, Chuan-Yu Wu, Martin J. Murtagh, Navin Venugopal, Tim Freeman, (2021) The importance of a velocity-dependent friction coefficient in representing the flow behaviour of a blade-driven powder bed
Andrew Angus, Lyes Ait Ali Yahia, Riccardo Maione, Marv Khala, Colin Hare, Ali Ozel, Raffaella Ocone (2020) Calibrating friction coefficients in discrete element method simulations with shear-cell experiments