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Abdul Hafiz Balogun

Abdul Hafiz Balogun

"The academic staff on my programme are very engaging. Whenever they are teaching, they make studying law interactive and fun."



"One of the main reasons I came to Surrey is because of how highly it ranks in the relevant league tables across the country. It was a great indicator of the University being on an upward spiral and has solidified its position as one of the best universities around. 

I also chose to study at Surrey due to the unique opportunity of doing a Professional Training placement. I felt this was invaluable, because it would give me an edge in the legal industry if I secured relevant work experience, before I had even graduated!

I attended an Open Day during the summer, and the campus and University lived up to my expectations. It was a great decision to come to the Open Day, because I could ask myself whether I would be happy spending the next few years studying and living in Guildford. Needless to say, the answer for me was a resounding yes.

"The best thing about life at Surrey is the friendly people I have met, and continue to meet. I have found that I have made really good friends studying my course, and with other students I have met during my time here."

I also attended an Applicant Day. My advice to anyone wanting to study Law at Surrey would be to visit the university on an Applicant Day to get a real sense of what it would be like to study Law at the University of Surrey. Mini lectures and activities are held to give applicants a real taste of what you would be doing on a day-to-day basis.

The aspect of my programme that I enjoy the most is the tutorials. I enjoy attending my tutorials, because it is usually a class of eight to ten students, and each person is given the opportunity to speak or listen to what your peers think about the questions that are being addressed.

I have fond memories of interesting discussions that have taken place in my tutorials, and I always seem to have learnt something new whenever I come out of one.

The academic staff on my programme are very engaging. This is another part of my programme I treasure, because the lecturers and tutors all have big personalities. That means that whenever they are teaching, they make studying law interactive and fun!

Clubs and societies have played a big role in my university life. I am involved with the Team Surrey Tennis Club, African and Caribbean Society, and the Law Society. They present a chance to step away from studying, and enjoy activities that might not necessarily be directly related to your degree."

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