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Anna Clark

Anna Clark

"I enjoy the wide range of the programme. I love that many of our lecturers are healthcare professionals themselves who come in to the University, as they can really give us a good insight into future career paths."


Medical Physics

"I studied an undergraduate physics degree at Durham University for three years prior to my time at Surrey. I chose to apply to the programme here because of its great reputation amongst practicing medical physicists.

I have always loved studying physics but I have a passion for working with people, and after undertaking volunteer work in Teesside Hospice I decided that I would like to pursue a career as a healthcare scientist. 

I believe the future of medicine lies in the development of healthcare technology, and I am excited to be a part of such a rapidly developing field.

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge of physics and practical scientific skills to the task of developing new ways to help people.

I enjoy the wide range of the programme. In any given week I will attend lectures, computing workshops, undertake practical laboratory experiments, and visit different sites such as hospitals, museums, and medical equipment manufacturers. I also love that many of our lecturers are healthcare professionals themselves who come in to the University, as they can really give us a good insight into future career paths.

The academic staff are very approachable and encouraging, and are always willing to offer guidance. There always computer rooms available, and lots of accessible laboratory facilities. The 24-hour Library at the University is great – especially around exam time! There are many opportunities offered by the University for support with funding. I am a recipient of a tuition fee scholarship from the Braithwaite Family Foundation, and this has allowed me to focus wholly on my studies without needing to take a part time job in order to support myself.

"My confidence as a physicist has massively improved since I began studying at Surrey, and I can definitely attribute this to the support I have received from the academic staff, and by working as a postgraduate demonstrator in first year labs."


The programme is hard work, but it’s so rewarding. If you have the opportunity to get some work experience in a Medical Physics department that would be beneficial in helping you to relate your studies to clinical practice. 

Guildford has really good shops, bars and restaurants, and great transport links. Everything you need for your day-to-day life is within walking distance. Although you’re based in a town it is only a short drive or bus journey into the countryside if you ever need a break from university life.

Before coming to Surrey I’d never really visited the South, but while I’ve been studying here I’ve taken trips to Oxford and over to Dorking and Box Hill. I have plans to visit Brighton for the first time in the summer, and I travel into London every couple of weeks to meet with friends from other universities.

I have applied to train within the NHS as a clinical scientist. This would involve further studies alongside working in the medical physics department of an NHS hospital."


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