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Callie Howard

Callie Howard

"One of the most enjoyable aspects of chemistry is the practical work. Each week, we're scheduled for a full day in the undergraduate laboratory, where we perform various experiments. No two are ever the same."


Chemistry MChem

"I wanted a well established university with good rankings, but most importantly I wanted the right course. The MChem Chemistry was the perfect combination of modules and hands-on practical work. Surrey is incredibly proud of their Professional Training placements, and rightfully so. These elements made for an easy decision!

I attended an Applicant Day, which was incredibly helpful. My first impression of the campus was that it was very big and beautiful! The atmosphere was one of the first things that hit me: it was relaxed and made me feel at ease.

Everyone you see is here for the same reason you are, and it makes for a brilliant environment.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of chemistry is the practical work. Each week we are scheduled for a full day in the undergraduate laboratory, where we perform various experiments, no two the same. You are given a handbook to explain the experiments to you, but you are expected to manage your own lab time and perform the experiments without demonstration. It is a fantastic way to fully engage you in practical work, giving you a real taste of industrial lab work.

As undergraduates, we only have access to the undergraduate labs, but the facilities and lab management team are both fantastic!

"All the staff have been incredibly helpful and supportive, willing to dedicate time to any student in need."


You are expected to work to a high health and safety standard from day one, however you always have a safety net in the labs with demonstrators, lecturers and the lab team just over your shoulder.

The tutorials are a helpful check in, especially worthwhile attending throughout your first year.

I moved into band C accommodation in Battersea Court. The room was larger than expected, with a nice view! My advice to any student considering accommodation is to bring a piece of home with you.

I am not a member of any societies yet, however I am a course representative, and am considering joining the No Wave Society for rock/metal/alternative music. The members are extremely friendly and inclusive, and have given me a lot of confidence when meeting new people!

Here at Surrey, you have the ability to choose to be in amongst your cohort, in the middle of every social situation, or you can find a little space filled with peace and quiet to reflect or work. Surrey can be so dynamic.

My free time is usually spent with a coffee in hand, close to the Library. They have great facilities there, for quick printing or serious study sessions. Although when the sun shines, there is no better place to go than the lake!

So far, I am very happy with the course, and proud of my involvement with the student reps. I have gained confidence in social situations, pushed boundaries, and learnt to really be a part of a team (in the lab, or just in the kitchen!). I have become much more comfortable being myself around others, making being away from home a lot easier.

Chemistry is so diverse, and the department are still introducing us to new areas every week. I want to sample as much as I can before choosing a specialty. I honestly look forward to the remainder of my degree, and congratulate Surrey on a job well done."


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