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Divyanshi Karmani

Divyanshi Karmani

"I’m leaving Surrey as a more fearless, confident, knowledgeable and open-minded person."


Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

Placement company

Certara UK Ltd

My course

The best aspect of my course is how it covers a broad range of current hot topics in biomedical science.

We have lecturers who are experts in their field and have seen molecular technologies evolve since they were students themselves. They’re also great at providing revision tips (and empathy) around exam and deadline season.

On placement

I completed my Professional Training placement as a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Intern with the Canterbury branch of Certara UK Ltd, the world’s leading drug development consultancy. My work involved assisting colleagues with their ongoing consultancy projects where I performed literature searches and data capture and also proofread relevant documents. The main highlight of my placement was having laid the foundations of making an in-company database on Excel to support the team’s growth in a resourceful manner.

As a Professional Training Course Representative, I gathered feedback from my coursemates placed all over England and abroad and relayed it to the University, which was a gratifying experience.  I’m also currently a Professional Training coach for second-year students interested in going on placement.

Looking back

From taking up French through the Global Graduate Award and joining the First Aid Society, to doing voluntary work and attending a variety of extra seminars and workshops – my choices at Surrey define who I am now and have given me lots of employable skills. Through taking part in the country’s first Care Innovation Challenge, I have also been able to use my expertise to constantly achieve and bring about positive change. 

I’m leaving Surrey as a more fearless, confident, knowledgeable and open-minded person.

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