Graduate profile
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Dr Angelos Kassianos

"I enjoy collaborating with different people on diverse projects that satisfy my curiosity."

Health Psychology
Graduation year

What attracted you to choose the University of Surrey and to study your course here?

I chose the University of Surrey first of all because of the city. I love Guildford. Second, the rankings for psychology were high. Also I would have the opportunity to combine my PhD with Stage 2 training in Health Psychology, which was not offered in many universities at the time.

What is your strongest memory of your time at Surrey – what do you picture first when you think of being here?

I picture the campus were I have spent some of the most amazing moments, both personal and educational, of my academic life.

What were the best things about your course?

I did an MSc and a PhD in Health Psychology and the best things were the academic environment and the diversity of the teaching programme.

What do you do now and what do you find most enjoyable about your line of work?

I am a researcher at UCL, Department of Applied Health Research. I enjoy collaborating with different people on diverse projects that satisfy my curiosity.

How did you decide what career to go into? How did your time at Surrey help you to decide?

I first did my MSc but I knew that I wanted to continue with a PhD and be an academic. I think that the academic environment at Surrey inspired me in the sense that I realised that I wanted to work in academia.

If you completed a Professional Training Year/Placement, can you tell us how this impacted upon your ability to get a graduate job?

I did placements for my Stage 2 training in Health Psychology practice and this enabled me to enrich my CV.

What aspects of being connected with the alumni network are most important or of most interest to you and why?

I like to be in touch with Surrey. I haven't participated in any event yet but definitely will. I would also love to host Surrey students where I work for a placement.

What are your top tips for students aspiring to work in your profession?

Consider carefully where you want to be in ten years. Plan ahead. Talk to the right people. And just do it!