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Jane Depledge

'My postgraduate studies at Surrey opened the door to academia' 

Graduation year


Developing my knowledge 

My postgraduate studies at Surrey opened the door to academia, supported by my years of clinical experience. I’ve always loved nursing whether in clinical practice or an academic setting. I have many career highlights, but I think some of the most special have been heading up cancer services for my last NHS trust, turning around a failing department at a private hospital and most recently being self-employed and continuing to teach undergraduate nurses.  

Before starting at Surrey, I’d already been in my career for over 20 years. My course cemented my knowledge of my chosen field of practice and improved my care, allowing me to work as a consultant nurse.  

The best things about my course included networking with my peers, the fantastic encouragement from my course tutors and presenting my thesis. My graduation day in the cathedral must be one of my favourite memories from my time at Surrey!  

Seize the day

If you’re considering postgraduate study, I’d say believe in yourself. Test and push yourself because you can achieve what you set your heart on even when you think the odds are against you.  

Being a nurse can be hard work but it’s so very rewarding! Great teamwork and opportunities are there for you if you’re willing to seize the day.  

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