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Kelly Saramunda

"What makes my course special is the opportunities that are on the table. All you have to do is reach and new doors are sure to open to a world of experiences and more opportunities."


International Hospitality and Tourism Management

"I started my degree at the University of Surrey in 2014. Being a highly ranked university for hospitality, tourism and events studies, it made me proud and confident to embark on my studies here and walk out an accomplished alumni of Surrey. 

I chose the 4-year sandwich course because in addition to a degree, it would enable me to gain a year of invaluable professional experience. International Hospitality and Tourism Management is incredibly rewarding. We get to learn about a majority of international industry companies in which I wish to visit later on in life or even work for.

However, like any other degree, it is challenging but with the help of the lecturers on the course you can excel and get the good marks you deserve. All the aspects of the degree will help you succeed in the industry.

I’ve had some great experiences with the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. As part of our studies, there are opportunities for field trips to the best restaurants and hotels. One of the many opportunities presented to me was the student exchange programme where I went to Melbourne, Australia for a semester. A truly rewarding experience! Studying abroad is a huge step. It shifts you from your comfort zone hence some find it hard to adjust to the new environment. However, for me, I took it as a great opportunity to personally develop and it gave me a true feeling of independence. I tend to grab every opportunity I can to advance myself, not to mention my love for travel which are all offered on this programme by the University. Hence, for my Professional Training placement I took it upon myself to apply for the opportunity presented to me by the University which was a job opening at The Club at Admirals Cove in Florida US as a management trainee. Not only did this make me independent but it also made me a versatile individual. 

I have developed excellent skills from the University experience and the opportunities it presented to me. Taking the Professional Training placement equipped me for the industry and I am excited to share these within my next employment. I also made lifelong friends during my degree programme at university, in Australia and in America. I got to meet some amazing people in which we exchanged our cultural differences being that I am originally from Zimbabwe so I had the best of both worlds to share."


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