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Lucy Paruit

Lucy Paruit

"Attending open days and starting volunteering really were the steps that put the wheels in motion on my journey into Midwifery, and made me decide it was for me."

Midwifery (Registered Midwife)

"Midwifery was something that found me. I had previously thought about becoming an early year’s teacher, so had first trained and worked as a nursery nurse. I worked for about three years in the baby room at a nursery, and really enjoyed my role. I am passionate about families, and loved handovers and meetings where I could engage with parents.

In the baby room, you form a unique relationship with parents. You need to build trust and compassion as the first person, aside from family, they trust to care for their child. This relationship was one I decided I would love to adapt to a Midwifery perspective – building trusting relationships with women and their families throughout their care.

Living in Farnborough, I was aware of the University of Surrey and its high reputation for Health Science degrees. Through volunteering and through old school friends, I was also able to meet current Midwifery students from the University, and they all spoke highly of it. Attending Open Days and starting volunteering really were the steps that put the wheels in motion on my journey into Midwifery.

I attended Open Days in 2014 and 2015. It was through my first Open Day that I discovered I would need to complete an Access course to apply. I started one the following September and attended an open day during my application process. It definitely helped me make a decision. It was a fantastic opportunity to speak to and gain advice from current students and staff, and to see the facilities and campus.

Experience is so important, not just for helping your application, but even more so for helping you to decide if it’s the right career for you. It’s an invaluable insight into the world you are about to immerse yourself in.

As a huge part of this degree, a Professional Training placement is essential. I have very recently started my one day a week Midwifery placement in the community. I am placed very close to my home, so travel is extremely easy.

It’s great to learn skills from your mentor and other Midwives on the job, some of which you just can’t learn from studying. Although I’ve only just started my placement, I am loving every minute of it!

As a first year, my greatest achievement of 2015 was completing my access course and gaining my place at Surrey. It’s amazing to be a whole semester in now, and I can’t wait to start full-time placement in April! I am also a course rep and am really enjoying getting involved in shaping the programme for mine, and future cohorts."


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