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Michael Taricone

Michael Taricone

"After visiting the University on an open day I was sold; I loved everything about it. "

“I was attracted to Surrey because of their excellent reputation and league rankings. After visiting the University on an open day I was sold; I loved everything about it. The campus was beautiful, I immediately felt welcome and felt a very strong sense of community. I also learned more about the Professional Training placement which was just an added bonus. 

I lived in student accommodation in my first year and I absolutely loved it. It’s a wonderful time to start experiencing adulthood. It can all seem so daunting and overwhelming at first but living on campus you soon learn that everyone is in the same boat and it’s the perfect opportunity to make friends.

Campus is always buzzing with activities that appeal to everyone. Whether it’s playing board games, dancing, rock climbing, playing sports or nights out, every week there are numerous events happening on campus or in venues elsewhere in town. The University has over 140 societies and sports clubs which means there is always something interesting to do and Surrey Sports Park’s exceptional facilities provide students with even more options. 

I would recommend a Professional Training Year (PTY) to anyone who finds one in an area they are interested in. A PTY is a unique opportunity to work with a company and experience what working life will be like after University. It allows you have some hands-on experience and it can help influence your career path or choice of modules for third year. I personally experienced this as I did a lot of programming during my placement and really began to appreciate how important and useful it is. As a result, I took a programming module in my third year and it helped me narrow down what I would like to do once I graduate.

"I’ve gone above and beyond what I would’ve ever dreamed or expected I could do"

I’ve gone above and beyond what I would’ve ever dreamed or expected I could do when I first joined the University and it has all helped me grow and mature as a person.

During my time here, I’ve become President of the Italian society, as well as Treasurer, VP and President of Dodgeball. I even ran in Surrey Decides and was elected onto the Voice Zone as an executive member.

My plans after University consist of finding a graduate scheme that I find interesting with a company that I believe will allow me to make the most of what I have studied at Surrey but also expand upon that knowledge.”


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