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Oliver Ketch

"Being on the road has allowed me to experience more than I could have ever imagined before I started the degree."


Paramedic Science

"When I attended the open day, I was made to feel extremely welcome and the students I met spoke very highly of the University, course and their overall experience. This made me want to choose Surrey as my first-choice university, as well as it being very well placed in university league tables.

The campus and surrounding area is very green and open, which not many other universities have on offer, providing a good feel for the campus. Moreover, the close proximity to town and the train station means that commuting is very convenient. The town itself is also very vibrant and offers plenty to do for everyone’s tastes.

The practical side has always been the part of the course I enjoy the most, especially being on placement. Being on placement is a fantastic opportunity to develop as an individual, put into practice what we have learnt in the classroom and meet a vast array of amazing people.

I also enjoy the additional placements such as theatres, A&E and mock major incident training, as they provide different perspectives and insights on the profession and the associated multidisciplinary teams, further expanding our range of skills.


All of the healthcare staff have been very supportive and always make our learning enjoyable, especially during our paramedic-specific lectures.

The facilities and equipment are very modern and continue to be updated, maximising our learning experience.

In first year I lived at Manor Park, it was a very good location being so close to the Surrey Sports Park, Tesco and only a 20 minute walk to campus. Being in halls was a fantastic way to meet a wide range of people from all courses and the facilities were also very good quality.

I have been heavily involved with the University’s Paramedic Society (ParaSoc). It has provided a wide range of academic support to further what I have learnt in lectures and simulation suite sessions, as well as providing continuing professional development opportunities which are vital for our registration. There is also many social events which enable us to catch up with students from all three years without thinking about work and do something a bit different.

At the end of second year I was lucky enough to undertake an elective placement with Ambulance Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. I spent three weeks observing the similarities and differences within paramedic practice and the overall healthcare systems. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to step back from my usual placement in the UK where I get heavily involved, to then be able to notice the subtle differences between the care provided in the two countries. My experience was very beneficial as it provided me with some interesting ideas and thoughts that I wanted to look into more for my dissertation. I would fully recommend the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and do it all again.

Being on the road has allowed me to experience more than I could have ever imagined before I started the degree. Placement has been a very rewarding journey and has been full of so many unexpected events that I will never forget. All the staff I have worked with on the road have been so welcoming and encouraging, to provide me with all the support I could ever ask for.

I am still partially undecided on exactly where I want to work but I have enjoyed working the in local area so I am currently thinking of staying local to Guildford if possible."


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