As pico and nanosatellites gain popularity with space educators and institutions we decided to collaborate with the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) to develop a series of high risk missions named: Surrey training, research and nanosatellite demonstrators (STRaND) and build STRaND-1, a nanosatellite based on the 3U-CubeSat standard that was launched with ISRO's PSLV rocket.


With any project, it takes a lot of people and effort. Many thanks go to our SSTL friends, all our academic and support staff for their support, and also our team:

  • Brian Yeomans
  • Claudio Iacopino
  • Mamatha Maheshwarappa
  • Ed Simons
  • Theo Theodorou
  • Lourens Visagie
  • Dr Tom Frame
  • Dr Peter Shaw.

Ongoing support

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the long term support for the STRaND-1 mission being provided by the following AMSAT stars:

  • Iji Yoshitomo, JA6PL
  • Toshio Kasei, JA1GDE
  • Hiroshi Iwamoto, JH4XSY/1
  • Colin Hurst, VK5HI
  • Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN
  • Ken Swaggart, W7KKE
  • Mark L. Hammond, N8MH
  • Dave Williams, G7GQW
  • Roland Zurmely, PY4ZBZ
  • Jan v Gils, PE0SAT
  • OZ7SAT.

Further information

Want to get yourself on this list? Email your .kss or .raw files of the received frames to Further AMSAT information can be found on the AMSAT-UK STRaND-1 website on how to receive and decode the beacon packets.