Space researchers at the University of Surrey's Surrey Space Centre (SSC) and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) have developed a series of high risk missions named: Surrey Training, Research and Nanosatellite Demonstrators (STRaND).

As pico and nanosatellites gain popularity with space educators and institutions, Surrey Space Centre (SSC) and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) collaborated together to build STRaND-1, a nanosatellite based on the 3U-CubeSat standard that was launched with ISRO's PSLV rocket. The SSC Lead for the project is Dr Chris Bridges.

Missions aims

The aim of STRaND, or ‘Surrey Training Research and Nanosatellite Demonstration’ programme, is:

  • To provide rapid hands-on training experience for academics and less experienced engineers, at both centres in designing and building new satellite technologies
  • To challenge the current industry standard development processes and discover new ways of managing developments
  • To demonstrate novel space technologies, or the use of existing but modern terrestrial commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies in space

Since 2010, the collective SSC and SSTL team of researchers and engineers have worked with challenging mission requirements through to the final system design and build.

STRaND-1 include a COTS high performance computer, a modern smart-phone with Android operating system, and a novel electric propulsion system. Many custom parts were designed to accommodate a new 3-axis stabilised attitude/orbit control system (AOCS) of micro-wheels, micro-magnetorquer rods, Sun/Earth sensors together with a bespoke payload bay for non-CubeSat standard boards.

Papers can be found on Dr Chris Bridges publications with up to date information on either the STRaND or Surrey Space Centre Facebook pages.

With any project, it takes a lot of people and effort. Many thanks go to our SSTL friends but also the SSC Team: Brian Yeomans, Claudio Iacopino, Mamatha Maheshwarrapa, Ed Simons, Theo Theodorou, Lourens Visagie, Dr Tom Frame and Dr Peter Shaw. Further thanks go to all the academic and support staff for their internal support.

The AMSAT data

As shown in the example dashboard below, the AMSAT data has been collated into a sqlite database file.

Click here to enlarge the image.


Long term support for the STRaND-1 mission is being provided by the following AMSAT stars:

  • Iji Yoshitomo, JA6PL
  • Toshio Kasei, JA1GDE
  • Hiroshi Iwamoto, JH4XSY/1
  • Colin Hurst, VK5HI
  • Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN
  • Ken Swaggart, W7KKE
  • Mark L. Hammond, N8MH
  • Dave Williams, G7GQW
  • Roland Zurmely, PY4ZBZ
  • Jan v Gils, PE0SAT
  • OZ7SAT

The STRaND-1 Team would like to extend their thanks and gratitude for the ongoing support.

Want to get yourself on this list? Email your .kss or .raw files of the received frames to Further AMSAT information can be found on the AMSAT-UK STRaND-1 Webpage on how to receive and decode the beacon packets.