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Acronym Terminology in full
3D 3 Dimensional
3G 3rd Generation
3GPP 3G Partnership Project
4A Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone, Anything
4G Fourth Generation global cellular radio standard
4K Moving Picture made from 4000 scanning lines
4K-UHD 4000 line Ultra High Definition video picture
5G NOW 5G Non-Orthogonal Waveform
5GD 5G Device
5GF 5G Function
5GI 5G Interface
5GMOE 5G Management and Orchestration Entity
5GN 5G Network
5GRF 5G RAT Family
5GSL 5G Slice
5GSYS 5G System
5W's What, Where, When, Why, Who
802.15.4/6LowPan IEEE access standard for Ipv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Network 
8K-UHD 8000 line Ultra High Definition video picture
A/D Analogue to Digital
AAA Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting
AAA Active Antenna Array
AAS Adaptive Antenna Steering
Abr Abnormal Release
ABS Almost Blank Sub-Frames
ACM Adaptive Coding and Modulation
ADAC Automatically Detected and Automatically Cleared
ADMC Automatically Detected and Manually Cleared
AF Authentication Function
AI Artificial Intelligence
Alloc Allocation
ANDSF Access Network Discovery and Selection Function
ANO Automatic Network Organisation
ANR Automatic Neighbour Relations
AOA Angle of Arrival
AP Application Protocol
AP Access Point
API Application Programming Interface
APN Access Point Name
APN-AMBR Aggregate Minimum Bit Rate
AR Augmented Reality
ARPU Average Revenue Per User
Arr Abnormal Release Rate
AS Access Stratum
ASA Authorised Shared Access
Att Attempt(s,ed)
AuC Authentication Centre
B2B Business to Business
B2B2C Business to Business to Consumer
B2C Business to Business
BBU Base-Band processing Unit
BI Business Intelligence
Ble Bluetooth Low Energy 
BLER Block Error Rate
BTLE Bluetooth Low Energy 
BYOD Bring Your Own Device
C-CORE Cloud based EPC, running as an NFV / SDN implementation
C-Network Earlier Version of FDC term
C-PLANE Control-Plane
C-RAN Cloud-RAN or Centralised RAN 
CA Context Aware
CA Certification Authority
CA Carrier Aggregation
CA Carrier Aggregation
CAPEX Capital EXpenditure
CC Cluster Controller
CC  Component Carrier
CCA Contiguous Carrier Aggregation
CCE Control Channel Elements
CCH Car Communications Hub
CCN Content Centric Network
CCO Coverage and Capacity Optimisation SON use case
CDC Communication Device Class
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDN Content Distribution Network
Cell Generic Cell
CGI Cell Global Identifier
CGW Charging Gateway
CID Cell-ID (positioning method)
CM Configuration Management
CM Cluster Member
cm Wave Centre Metre Wave band
CMAS Commercial Mobile Alert Service
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CN Core Network
CoC SON: Cell Outage Compensation
CoD SON: Cell Outage Detection
CoD/C SON: Cell Outage Detection and Compensation
CoMP Coordinated Multipoint transmission
CoMP Co-operative Multi-Point system
Conn Connection
CP Control Plane (interface categorisation type)
CP  Cyclid Prefix
CPE Customer Premises 
CPRI Common Public Radio Interface
CQI Channel Quality Indicator
CQI Carrier / Channel Quality Indicator
CR Certificate Repository
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRCP Common Connection Control Protocol (evolution of RRC protocol)
CRL Certificate Revocation List
cRRC containerised RRC, a proposed 5G extension to RRC to effect signalling optimisation
CS/CCS Carrier Sense / Clear Channel Sense
CSG Closed Subscriber Group (CSG) list
CSI Channel State Information
CUM KPI, Cumulative type
D-RAN Distributed Radio Access Network
D/A Digital to Analogue
D2D Device to Device
DAS Distributed Antenna System
DB Data Base
DC Dual Connectivity
DC Distributed Cloud when mentioned in terms of an Architecture
DCI  Downlink Control Information
Ded Dedicated
DeNB Donor eNB
DFS Dynamic Frequency Selection
DL Downlink, Network to Mobile Device
DL Down Link
DPI Deep Packet Inspection
DRB Data Radio Bearer, virtual stream between the User Device and the RAN
DRX Discontinuous Reception
DU Digital Unit
DUDe Downlink and Uplink Decoupling 
E-CID Enhanced Cell-ID (positioning method)
E-RAB E-UTRAN Radio Access Bearer
E-SMLC Evolved Serving Mobile Location Centre
E2E End to End
EAP Extensible  Authentication Protocol
EAP-TLS EAP Transport Layer Secuity
EARFCN EUTRAN Absolute Reference Frequency Channel Number
ECGI E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier
ECM EPS Connection Management, LTE NAS Protocol
EEC Ethernet Equipment Clock
EIRP Effective Isotrophic Radiated Power
eLTE enhanced LTE
EM Element Manger
EMM EPS Mobility Management, LTE NAS Protocol
EMM+ 5G Enhanced Version of EMM
eNB, ENB, eNodeB E-UTRAN Node B
Energy Saving SON: Energy Saving
EP End-Point
EP Elementary Procedure
EPC Evolved Packet Core
EPS Evolved Packet System
EPS 3GPP Evolved Packet System, commonly known as LTE
EQPT Equipment
ERAB EPS Radio Access Bearer
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
Err Error
ES SON: Energy Saving
ESM EPS Session Management, LTE NAS Protocol
ESM EPS Session Management
EsmLight Collapsed version of LTE, ESM for 5G Intra-Cluster Bearer Management and Extra-Network Bearer interworking
Estab Establish (ed,ment)
ETE End to End
ETSI European Telecoms Standards Institute
ETWS Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System
EU European Union
Ext External
Fail Fail(ed, ure) 
FBMC Filter Bank Multi-Carrier
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FD-MIMO Full Dimension MIMO
FDC Flat Distributed Cloud architecture
FDD Frequency Division Duplex
FEM Front End Module
FFS For Further Study
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FM Fault Management
FMC Fixed Mobile Convergence
FMV Fast Moving Vehicle
Fn Function
FQAM Frequency and Amplitude Modulation
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
Freq Frequency
GAA Generic Authentication Architecture
GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
Gbps Giga bits per second
GFDM Generalised Frequency Division Multiplexing
GPS Global Positioning System
GPU Graphics Processing Unit
GSM Global System for Mobile communications
GSMA GSM Association
GTP GPRS Tunnelling Protocol
GUMMEI Globally Unique MME Identifier
H-RAN Hybrid Radio Access Network
H/W Hardware
HARQ Hybrid Automatic Repeat ReQuest
HeNB Home eNodeB
HetNet Heterogeneous Network
HI Human Interface
HLR Home Location Register, Legacy SDM/AuC node from GSM, GPRS, UMTS
HMD Head Mounted Display
HNB Home NodeB
HO Handover
HSPA High Speed Packet Access
HSS Home Subscriber System, EPC SDM/AuC
HTC Human Type Communication
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTP2.0 Second generation of the HyperText Transfer Protocol
HUD Heads-Up Display
HW Hardware
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
IaaS Infrastrcuture as a Service
IBFD In-Band Full Duplex
ICICI SON: Inter-Cell Interference Coordination
ICN Information Centric Network
ICS Institute Of Communications
ICT Information and Communications Technology
ID Identity
IE Information Element
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFFT Inverse Fast Fourier Transform
IKE Internet Key Exchange
IM Information Model
IMS IP Multimedia Sub-system
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
Inc Incoming
InterF Inter-Frequency
IntraF Intra-Frequency
IOC Information Object Class
IoE Internet of Everything (MTC: IoT, Cloud, Network data sources converged)
IoT Internet of Things (Internet connected Sensors and Actuators)
IoT Internet of Things
IP Internet Protocol
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IRP Integration Reference Point
IS Information Service
ISM Industrial Scientific and Medical licence exempt radio spectrum
ISMP Inter-System Mobility Policy
ISO International Standards Organisation
ISRP Inter-System Routing Policy
IT Information Technology
ITM Intelligent Traffic Management
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITU-R Radio sector of the International Telecommunications Union
Iuant Interface for use of an Antenna (RET)
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KQI Key Quality Indicator
L2 Gateway protocol Layer 2 gateway
L3 Gateway protocol Layer 3 gateway
LAA Licenced Assisted Access
Late Latency
LB SON: mobility Load Balancing
LBT Listen Before Talk
LCM Life Cycle Management
LCS LoCation Services
Ld Load
LED Light Emitting Diode
LIPA Local IP Access Mobility
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LOS Line of Sight
LPP LTE Positioning Protocol
LPPa LTE Positioning Protocol Annex
LSA Licenced Shared Access
LTE Long Term Evolution, 3GPP common original project name for evolution of the UMTS, now formally known as EPS.
LTE Long Term Evolution
LTE-A LTE Advanced
M-FAT Multiple Fixed network Access Technology connection points
MAC Mobile Access Control
MAC Media Access Control
MBMS Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
MBSFN Multicast Broadcast Single Frequency Network
MCPTT Mission Critical Push To Talk
MDP Meta-Data Protocol
MDT Minimisation Drive Testing
ME Managed Element
MEAN KPI, Mean type
METIS Mobile communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society
MF Managed Function
MICN 5G Mobile Aware ICN
MiMo Multiple input Multiple output antenna arrays
MLB Mobility Load Balancing, SON use case
mm Wave Milli Metre Wave band
MME Mobile Management Entity
MMI Man-Machine Interface
MMIC Monolothic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMT MPEG Media Transport
mmW Milli Metre Wave band
MNO Mobile Network Operator
MNP Mobile Number Portability
MO Managed Object
MOC Managed Object Class
Mod Modify(/Modification)
MOI Managed Object Instance
MP Management Plane (interface categorisation type)
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group standard for audio and video compression
Mpo Management Plane pertinent to NFV Orchestration
MPTCP MultiPath Transmission Control Protocol
MR Measurement Report
MRO SON: Mobility Robustness
MTC Machine Type Communications
MU-MiMo Multi-user MiMo
MVC Multi-view Video Encoding
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator
N-FAT a Number of Fixed Access Technologies
N-RAT a Number of Radio Access Technologies
N/W Network
NAS Non-Access Stratum
NAS Network Attached Storage
NAT Network Address Translation
NB NodeB
Nbr Number
NCCA Non-Contiguous Carrier Aggregation
NDS Network Domain Security
NE Network Element, as used in 3GPP
NFV Network Functions Virtualisation
NFV Network Function Virtualisation
NGMN Next Generation Mobile Network alliance
NI Network Intelligence
NLOS None Line of Sight
NM Network Manager
NN Network Node
NN(CC) NN with Cluster Controller configuration
NN(CM) NN with Cluster Member configuration
NNSF Network Node Selection Function
NodeB UTRAN Base Stations
NOMA Non-Orthogonal Multple Access
NR Relation
NRM Network Resource Model
NW Network
Nyquist-WDM Nyquist Wavelength Division Multiplex
O&M Operations and Maintenance
OAM Operations, Administration and Management, 3GPP term
OBSAI Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
ODUflex optical transport network container for carrying Gb Ethernet with flexible payload size
OFCOM UK Communictions Regulator (Office of Communications)
OFDMA Orthogonal Frequency Division Multple access
OMC network Operations and Maintenance Centre
OPEX Operational EXpenditure
OQAM Off-set Quadriture Amplitude Modulation
OS Operations System
OSS Operatiions Support Systems
OTDOA Observed Time Difference Of Arrival (positioning method)
OTS Off-The-Shelf
OTT “Over the top” sessions such as SkypeTM SnapchatTM, ViberTM etc.
Out Outgoing
P-GW PDN-Gateway
P-GW PDN Gateway, EPC Node
P-RNTI Group Identity for Paging at eNB
PA Power Amplfier
PaaS Platform as a Service
PAE Power Added Efficiency
PAG Paging
PAPR Peak to Average Power Ratio
PC Personal Computer
PCell Primary Serving Cell
PCI SON: Physical Cell Identity optimisation
PCO Protcol configuration Options
PCRF Policy Control and Rules Function
PDCP Packet Data Convergence Protocol
PGW cisco Packet data GateWay network
PHR Power Headroom
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
Pkt Packet(s)
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
POP Proof Of Possession
POTN Packet Optical Transport Network
Prep Prepar(e/ration)
PrMM A proposed 5G Predictive Mobility Management to enhance/ complement EMM
PSK Pre-Shared Key
PTT Push To Talk
PWS Public Warning System
QCI Quality Class Id
QoE Quality of Experience
QoS Quality of Service
RA Registration Authority
RA-RNTI Random Access RNTI
RAB Radio Access Bearer, virtual stream between the RAN and the Network
Rach Random Access Channel
RAN Radio Access Network
RAT Radio Access Technology
RATG Radio Access Technique Group of IMT-2000
RATIO KPI, Ratio type
RB Resource Block
RB Radio Bearer
RCEF Radio Connection Establishment Failures
RE Resource Element
Rel Release(s,d)
Res Resource
RET Remote Electrical Tilting
RF Radio Frequency
RIM RAN Information Management
RLC Radio Link Controller
RLF Radio Link Failures
RN Relay Node
RNC Radio Network Controller
RNL Radio Network Layer
RNTI Radio Network Temporary Identifier
ROHC Robust Header Compression (from the IETF for TCP and / or IP header compression)
RP Reference Point
RRC Radio Resource Control or Radio Resource Connection protocol
RRH Remote Radio Head
RRHmac Remote Radio Head media access control
RRM Radio Resource Management
RRU Remote Radio Unit
RSRP Reference Signal Received Power
RSRQ Reference Signal Received Quality
RTP Real-time Transport Protocol
RTT Round Trip Time
RTT Radio Transmission Technology
RU Radio Units
S-GW Serving GateWay
S-GW Serving Gateway
S-TMSI S-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
S/W Software
S1AP S1 Application Protocol
S1SIG S1 Signalling
SA Security Association
SAP Service Access Point
SAR Signal Absorbtion Rate
SC SON: Self Configuration
SC-FDMA Single Carrier – Frequency Division Multiple Access
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCell Secondary serving Cell
SCN Service Control Network
SDM Subscriber Data Management for the SIM, user data functions operated at the HSS/HLR in 3GPP to the LTE-A stage.
SDMA Spatial Division Multiple Access
SDN Software Defined Networks
SDO Standards Definition Organisation
SDU Service Data Unit
Sector Sec
SEG Security Gateway
SFN System Frame Number
SH SON: Self Healing
SI Service Intelligence
SIC Self-Interference Cancellation
SID Shared Informaton Data model
SINR Signal to Interference + Noise Ratio
SIPTO Selected IP Traffic Offload
SIR Signal To Interference Ratio
SMLC Serving Mobile Locaton Centre
SMS Short Messaging Service (of GSM)
SMT Staggered Multi Tone
SN SubNetwork
SNS Social Networking Service
softRRC Soft Radio Resource Control
SON Self Organising Networks
Sr Success Rate
SRB Signalling Radio Bearer
SRS Sounding Reference Signal
SRVCC Single Radio Voice Call Continuity
SS Solution Set
SSL Secure Socket Layer
STB Set Top Box
SU-MiMo Single User MiMo
Succ Success(es, ful)
TA Tracking Area
TAC Tracking Area Code
TAL Tracking Area list
TB Transport Block
TB Transport Block
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TCP Transmission Control Protocols
TD-LTE Time Division duplex version of LTE
TDD Time Division Duplex
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TLS Transport Layer Security
TMA Tower Mounted Amplifier
TMF Telecoms Management Forum
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TNL Transport Network Layer
Tot Total
TPC Transmit Power Control
TR Trace Reference
TRSR Trace Recording Session Reference
TRSS True Real-time Streaming Service
TRX Transceivers
TTI Transmission Time Interval
TTM Time To Market
TVC Temporary Virtual Cell
U-Plane User Plane
uCTN Unified Converged Transport Network
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UE User Equipment
UF-OFDM Universal Filtered Orthoginal Frequency Division Multiple Access
UFMC Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier
UHD Ultra High Density
UICC Universal Integrated Circuit Card
UL Up Link (mobile to network direction)
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
UP User Plane
Upc User Plane control
Upr 5G User Profile
UTDOA Uplink Time Difference of Arrival
UTRAN Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network
UX User eXperience
V2I Vehicle-to-Infrastructure
V2X Vehicle to anything
Val Value
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator
vEPC virtual Evolved Packet Core
vIMS virtual IP Multimedia Subsystem
vNE Virtual NE
vNF virtual Network Function
Vol Volume
VoLTE Voice (telephony) over LTE
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPN Virtual Private Network
VR Vertual Reality
vRAN virtual Radio Access Network
WiGig Wireless Gigabit Alliance
WP5D Working Party 5D of the ITU-R
WRC-15 2015 ITU world radio conference on radio spectrum
WRC-18 2018 ITU world radio conference on radio spectrum
XaaS Anything as a Service

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